Ch. 13 - Known Feelings

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Dani was in a dilemma. It was pretty ridiculous, but still a dilemma. So, she was dating Harry Styles, Harry Styles, but she was still crushing on another boy. Why? Because that was her life in one. Fucking. Sentence.

She flung herself on her bed dramatically, feeling torn. Sure, she liked Harry, but she was pretty sure she started dating him because the idea was comforting to her. She had been in a dark, cold basement with no food or warmth and her body aching. The idea of someone there to comfort her and to love her was appealing. Now it was just ludicrous.

She should probably man up to both herself and to Harry. She should admit to herself that she likes Niall, and she should break it off with Harry before things get out of hand. She'd already admitted her feelings for Niall to herself - now all she has to do is talk to Harry.

She slipped her phone out of her back pocket and flipped through her contacts until she found Harry's name. She pressed Callfirmly with her thumb, and then brought the piece of technology up to her ear.

"Hello?" Harry's voice, heavy with a British accent, answered. Dani found herself wishing that it was Irish instead.

"Hey," she said softly. "Can I come over real quick?"

"Er, yeah, of course," Harry said, confusion obvious in his tone. She smiled sadly to herself. "Alright. I'll be right over."

She hung up on him and tossed her phone on the bed, resolution to do this filling her. If she wanted to be happy, then this was the first step. She slid on her hoodie and walked out of her house, her mother calling a quick goodbye before she closed the door.

As she walked to Harry's house, it hit her. This wouldn't effect Harry at all - in fact, he may even be happier because of it. Why? Because he was in love with Louis.

Eleanor had come over yesterday to 'girl talk'. She had explained her theory on Harry and Louis' romance, and Dani had found herself nodding along in agreement.

In what seemed like three seconds, but was really half an hour, Dani was standing in front of Harry's door. She knocked three times, her hand steady. She heard footsteps walking towards her, and soon Harry was opening the door and letting her in. "What's up?" he greeted, leading her into the kitchen.

"Nothing, much," she answered untruthfully. There was a hell of a lot of stuff going on.

"What would you like?" Harry asked, opening the fridge. "We've got Dr. Pepper, tea - it's Tetley's, sorry - and Coke. We've also got-"

"This isn't working," Dani blurted, unable to wait any longer. Harry straightened and turned to her. "Sorry?"

"It isn't you, honestly. It's me. I - I like someone else, you know?"

Harry's expression was a strange mix of relief and disappointment. "Don't worry, I understand."

Dani smiled and took a step towards him. "I don't think I'm the only one of us who has feelings for someone else," she hinted. He looked at her strangely, confusion written all over his face. "What do you-"

His sentence was interrupted by a bout of 'Carry On My Wayward Son' emitting from Dani's back pocket. She frowned and pulled out her phone, glancing at the number. It was Niall. Her heart skipped a beat and she glanced apologetically at Harry, answering it.

"Hey," she said, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Uh, er - hello. Can you, I mean, could you meet me at the park?" Niall sounded anxious. She grinned, hope filling her up like a balloon. "Yeah! What time?"

"Now would be great."

Dani nodded to no one in particular. "Okay. Be there in five." She ended the call and looked at Harry. "Sorry, got to go."

Harry nodded. "What was that song?"

Dani frowned. "What song?"

"Your ringtone; what was it?"

Dani frowned disapprovingly. "Only the best song ever. It's 'Carry On My Wayward Son', by Kansas. Look it up." She waved and was out of the house quickly, practically running to the park.

As soon as she reached the wood chips underneath the playground, she surveyed the area, looking for Niall. She eventually spotted him waiting for her on a bench. He waved shyly, and Dani felt a great rush of affection for the blonde.

She jogged over to him and sat down, suddenly self-conscious of her appearance. She started to mess around with her hair, before she felt Niall's large hand on her wrist. She looked at him, eyes wide, and said. "You needed me?"

Niall grinned and nodded, leaning in. She met his lips halfway, and warmth exploded through her as she buried her hands in his hair, smiling into the kiss.

Unfortunately, they were forced to break apart in the annoyingly human need to breath. Dani stared at him, her eyes bright, and grinned hugely. "Thank God you feel the same way."

Niall rolled his eyes. "How else would I feel?"

Suddenly, his lips were on hers, and she thought, 'I think I can say that he's my boyfriend now.'


Louis burst through the door, his arms full of groceries, and shouted, "Guess what?" towards the general direction of Harry's room. "What?" Came Harry's muffled voice.

"Zayn and Lizzie have gotten together, can you believe that? And on top of that, Liam and Whitney are a thing! I'm beginning to feel a little lonely now, with them together and you with Dani-"

"We've broken up," Harry said, emerging from his room. Louis looked at him, startled. "Oh, I'm sorry."

Harry rolled his eyes. "It's fine. In fact, I'm really glad she did it."

"Why's that?"

"It gave me a lot of time to think about my feelings, and so I came to a conclusion."

Louis frowned, confused. "Okay...?"

Harry stepped closer to him, something unrecognizable in his eyes. Louis heart beat faster, and his eyes darted to Harry's lips. Harry grinned, and leaned in, capturing Louis' lips with his. Louis froze in shock.

Instead of pushing him away after he'd gotten over the surprise, Louis drew him in closer, wrapping his arms around his waist and moving his lips with Harry's. He felt Harry's lips stretch into a smile, and Louis grinned also. They pulled apart, and Harry rested his forehead on Louis'.

"I can't believe it," Louis murmured, looking into Harry's eyes. Harry smirked.

"I can."


Everyone seemed to be finding true love or whatever that crap was called.

Literally, everyone around Eleanor was getting together with one another. Liam and Whitney came as a shock, and so did Zayn and Lizzie. Dani and Niall were predictable, though; they couldn't seem to take their eyes off of each other.

It was only she, Harry, and Louis left. But, she was pretty sure that it wasn't going to last. In fact, her phone was ringing right now, and the caller ID claimed it to be Louis.


"I owe you an apology," Louis said, right off the bat. Eleanor smiled. "Why is that?"

"Well, um..." Louis said uncomfortably. "I'm - I'm with someone."

Eleanor remained silent, waiting for him to elaborate. He finally did, after a few minutes of awkward silence. "I'm with Harry."

"I told you so!" she shrieked into the phone joyously. She then hung up, jumping in happiness.

Finally, everything was going well.

A/N: Well, this is the end! This is 1,240 words, sorry for the short length, but, that's usually how epilogues are. Shorter and happier than the rest.

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