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"Yes?" My mom called my name so I could help her pack.Ugh I hate the fact that we have to move to a different state.It kills me!

Im goin to miss my bestfriends and Andrew.Oh Andrew....I love him so much and I dont want to let him go.

My mom said its apart of life ,that yhu have to let people go,but why? Why now?

"Ok Isa grab that purse and put it in the red luggage and grab the other purses in the black one" "Ok"

*knock on the door*

"Go get that it might be Darlene"

Darlene is my moms bestfriend and Andrew's mom.

"Hey Darlene :(". "Hey sweety, Andrew is by the stairs :/"



Andrew's eyes were red and watery from crying

Ive never seen him so upset

"I dont want yhu to leave!!Yhu make my world better,you've thought me how to be a better person and a better man.Dont leave me! :'("

"Andrew we both know I cant stay" :'(

He stood up and hugged me as tight as possible

He couldnt let go

Will I ever find someone lik him?

Why do I have to go?

I dont want to let him go ;(

We grabbed our bags and got in the cab.

That was the longest ride to the JFK Airport Ive ever been in.

All I could do was just look at the New York sky and listen to my music.

I listened to our song. "Your Song"

I held back my tears,I couldnt let my mom see me cry.

We got to the airport.I slammed the cab door and started walkin to get checked in the security check line.I hate those things 😒

We got through and finally ended up waiting an hour and a half for the flight to get to the airport

I kept praying it wouldnt get there and 30 mins later I heard this :Flight 371 has just arrived and we will now begin boarding all passengers on a wheelchair. And then etc.😒

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