Chapter 12 - the sleepover

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Ty picked me up and surprisingly Mitch and jerome in the back and I smiled happily

" hey guys " I said while getting in the car

" hey Nicole " they both replied and I laughed as ty started up the car again

We drove home and I sighed with relief , I really hate that school. I walked through the door and smiled as I saw Adam at his computer Mabey he would finally get back to his " normal " self

" having fun " I said in a slight babyish voice but I don't think Adam really cared

" uh hu " he said as he stared at the screen

" I'm having a sleep over ''

" uh hu " I smirked

" I'm getting a tattoo "

" uh ..... YOUR WHAT " he turned at me angrily but I burst out laughing and he did to as the boys walked in they looked at us like psychos.

" what happened "

" nothing....... " I quickly ran up to my room and closed the door smiling

I quickly started to dial numbers on the phone that I stole and phoned all my friends telling them the day , time and what to bring.

After I had organised all my friends I went downstairs to tell Adam about it.

" hey bro I'm having a sleep over that ok " I gave a puppy face

" uhh...... Ok " he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a diet Pepsi and cracked it open

" thanks and it's tonight at 6:00pm that ok " I watched with a twisted smile as he choked on his pepsie and looked at the time

" great warning at like 5:00! "

I laughed and walked to where the tv was and placed all the pillows on one couch and dragged the coffee table into the middle but closer to the couch and walked back into the kitchen.

" ok now... " I grabbed two packets of chips one was barbecue and one was salt and vinaigr and brought out a bottle of fanta

" how's that " I smiled and he stared at me

" where are you gonna sleep " he gave a small smile and I laughed

'' I already thought of that" I smiled happily " were all in my room and there bringing there sleeping bags "

" what about dinner "

I handed him twenty dollars from my birthday " pizza! "

" fine" he sighed and walked back to his room but a saw a small smile and turned to Mitch and jerome who were trying to open a bag of chips

" dude no " I quickly grabbed the chips almost breaking the packet open and watched them stumble back.

" here " I handed them another packet of barbecue " happy " i rolled my eyes and grabbed the food just in case and walked to my room and put my computer on and played on the hive.

At 5:59 the door bell rang and I ran downstairs and saw that Mitch and jerome were gone and Adam was asleep.

" ok I will do this on my own " I grabbed the Handel and opened the door and stared in horror as a person in black walked in and put there hand over my mouth. They grabbed the nearest hard object and hit me on the head sending me into a world of black

What is going on


Hey guys sorry for the shortish chapter and sorry for not updating for a while, just haven't had the time like assiments and sport ( judo )

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