Double dates are good, right?

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Hey guys!!!!! I've just figured out that my story has 28 reads!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg, omg, omg!!!!!!!! Sorry, F.G.M. Well, I believe the title says it all for this chapter! Oh, and I'm sorry for the short chapters! I'm trying to make them longer each time. Oh whale! On to the story!

Maia's P.O.V
Ello, mates! Maia Mitchell here! I'm one of the lead roles in the movie, Teen Beach Movie!!! And I play in the Fosters!!! So, today is the day I go on a double date with my boyfriend and his co-star. This is going to be super fun!!! (Sarcasm) Laura thinks we're the bestest of friends! We're not. I don't like her hanging out with MY boyfriend!!!! I know she has a crush on him! Well, to be honest, I like her boyfriend too. He would still be my boyfriend if we hadn't got into the same movie! You see, Garret and I used to date. Then when we heard about the movie offer, we both went for it. When we both got the part, we were super happy! Until the director told us that we can't date co-stars. Then, we both wanted the part, so we broke up. We planned on getting back together after the movie, but then Laura just had to come! So then, Garret got "entranced" in her "beauty". So then, I started flirting with Ross. And that's how we all ended up in this shit pile.(sorry for cursing, I won't do it often) So I called Grace (Phipps) to come help me get ready.
(Phone convo)
Grace: Hey girl! What's up?
Maia: Oh, nothing much! I was just wondering if you would help me get ready for a double date?
Grace: Of coarse! So, like come over now?
Maia: Yea, thanks!
Grace: No problem! See you in a few!
Maia: See you!
(End of convo)
Maia's P.O.V
What do I do until she gets here? Hmmmm, I know! I'll just watch TV until she gets here!

Laura's P.O.V
Well, it's 3 now so I better call Delly! (Rydel)
(Phone convo)
Delly: Hey Laur! What's up?
Laura: Well I'm going on a double date with Garret a-
Delly: And Ross and Maia?
Laura: How'd you kn- never mind. Ross probably told you didn't he?
Delly: Yep! Let me guess, you want help from the 'Fashion Queen', don't you?
Laura: Yes. Do you want to come over or should I go over there?
Delly: *Gets an idea; smirks evilly* Why don't you come over here?
Laura: Ok! Be there in a sec! Love ya!
Delly: Ok! Love ya!
(End of convo)
Laura's P.O.V
As soon as I hung up, I got my car keys and went to Delly's house.

Delly's P.O.V
Hi, I'm Rydel Mary Lynch!! But you can call me Delly!!! Ok, so Laur is coming over so, I got together my plan! When I'm done with her, Ross will want to go out with her instead! I've always known Ross likes her, and she likes him. They just won't admit it! Oh, but she better stay away from Rocky! He has a HUGE crush on her! I wish he didn't but he does. Well, there goes the doorbell! Oh, and I'm in a band called R5!!!!!
Laura: *rings doorbell*
Ross: Who could that be? I got it! *opens door* Oh, hey Laur! What are you doing here?
Laura: Well, your sister is going to help me get ready. Duh!
Ross: I should've known. Well, come on in!
Laura: Why thank you sir! What a gentleman!
Ross: Yah, yah,*gets an idea* Laurie.
Laura: You. Did. Not. Just. Go. There. Did you?
Ross: I think i did.
Laura: Ok, you wanna play that game, Shor? Let's play!
Ross: Ohhhhh, I'm soooooooo scared!
Laura: Really? Because you should be!
Delly: Ok, ok! Let's break it up before something bad happens!
Laura: You're right. I need to get ready anyways.
Delly: Let's go!
Stormie: Oh, hi sweetie!
Laura: Oh, hi mom!
(In this story, Stormie let's Laura call her mom)
Delly: Not now mom, we have to get ready for her double date!
Stormie: Ok, ok! Go!
Laura: Thanks mom!
Delly: Ya, thanks mom!

Rocky's P.O.V
Sup, I'm Rocky Mark Lynch! I play in a band called R5!!!!! I have a huge HUGE crush on Laura Marie Marano. I swear, I hear her downstairs, but I could just be imagining things. My room is right next to Delly's so if she's here, I'll know. I hear Delly and a girl that sounds just like Laur come up the stairs. Once I peek out my door pretending to go to the bathroom, my heart stops. There she is in all her glory, Laura Marie Marano. She sees me and does a flirty wave that almost kills me on the spot. I can feel my 'friend' go bonkers down there, so, I do actually go to the bathroom. I want her to have my children, I know it's soon but still. I know she has a boyfriend and that Ross likes her, but she's......... Her! Well, I gotta calm my 'friend' down a little bit.
Delly's/Grace's P.O.V
It's time to get Laur/Maia ready for their date!!!

Hey, guys! My hand started hurting so I decided that I should make this into a part 2/3. What do you think? Comment if you like my story! Lots if love, Chloee :*

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