Michael's POV

I'm sitting in history class right now and God this class is boring. I mean don't get me wrong I'm not the usual Jock who is into sports, but does bad in school. I just don't like history. Things that we study in history were all in the past and the people we learn are all dead anyway. There is a saying "the past is in the past"

Sana maexcuse ako ngayon o kaya masuspend yung class namin. It's really boring here right now and anything would be much appreciated right now.

"As we all know Mr. Hwang, history is important because we will not have the freedom and rights that we have right now because of those who have fought for our country." I snapped back to reality when the teacher caught my attention.

"What are you doing Mr. Hwang? Daydreaming I see? Well, we both know that you can't play this season if you don't get atleast a B on all your classes"

"Sorry sir, won't happen again"

The worst part in history classes are, terror and scary teachers. -.-' 

"Attention male basketball team, please start making your way to the upper gym for a short, but mandatory meeting"


"Okay Mr. Hwang, you are excused, remember to read the rest of chapter one"

Whatever sir!!!

I fleed to the upper gym and I saw all my team there waiting for our coach.

"Morning boys"

"Morning coach"

"Okay listen up! I don't want to keep on of you here. Next month is our first game of this season and I want you guys to give it all your best, and do good in all your classes. That's all dismissed!!"

Ana's POV

Naku!! malalate na ako sa math class ko. Kung bakit naman kasi nasa basement locker ko tapos yung period 3 class ko nasa fourth floor. Nagtatatakbo tuloy ako ngayon. Kapagod pero okay lang excercise naman eh. Kaya ko to. ako pa!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Patakbo ako malapit sa room at may nakasalubong akong isang lalaki, ay teka si Michael ba yun? Ang pogi naman niya. Teka papasok siya dun sa math room ko edi ibig sabihin kaklase ko siya hindi magkaklase kami. Yehey!!!

"LATE! both of you. Can you explain this to me?" sabi nung babaeng nakatayo

"There was a meeting with my basketball team" sabi ni Michael

"Okay excused and you miss?"

"Sorry my locker was in the basement and my period 3 was in the fourth floor."

"Okay next time bring your math stuff to your period 3 class so you don't have to rush up and down the school. Have a seat both of you"

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