Chapter 6

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Taylor's p.o.v

The hotel was so huge, it was ten times as big as a mansion! When we got to the suite, there were 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a living room with a sofa bed and flat screen t.v., AWESOME!!!!

The rooms were separated by the kitchen. Niall and Lizzie were in the one to the left and Louis and I were in the one to the right.

It was 7 o'clock and we needed to go eat something. We decided to go to Wendy's and we all got chicken sandwiches with chocolate milkshakes. When we returned to the hotel it was 8:30. I decided to take a shower and I washed my hair. Afterward, I blew my hair, getting it ready for tomorrow, WE WERE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!!!!! Louis, Lizzie, Niall and I were so excited for thrill rides! Tomorrow, we go to the actual park, then the day after we are going to Disney's California Adventure. So excited for the new Cars ride! I went to Disney in Florida with Lizzie and my parents when I was 10 but I've never been to the one in California!

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Louis turn his head to me and smile.

"Hey, babe." I said sitting on the bed.

"Hey." Louis said wrapping his arms around me on the bed.

"Could you sing to me?" I asked.

"Ok." He kissed my head and started to sing.

"Your insecure, don't know what for. You're turning heads as you walk through the door. Don't need makeup, to cover up. Being the way that you are is enough. Everyone else in the room can see it. Everyone else but you." Louis softly sang the lyrics to What Makes You Beautiful.


Louis p.o.v

I finished singing to her as she fell asleep in my arms resting her head on my chest. Then, I drifted off to sleep too.

I woke up to the sound of Taylor's voice.

" Boo bear!!! It's time to get up, boo bear!" She said in a childish voice.

She always used to call me that when we were little. It was her nickname for me. My nickname for her was Tailz.

"Ok Tailz! I'm up!" I said

"Boo Bear!!!! It's time to go have fun!" She said, pecking me on the mouth. Then, Taylor happily got up and skipped to the closet.

Sometimes I forget how much alike Lizzie and Taylor are but then again very different. Lizzie the sometimes sporty, very girly girl vs Taylor the always sporty, sometimes girly girl.

But I loved Taylor and everything about her.

When Taylor walked out of the closet, she was dressed in skinny jeans and a dark blue Minnie Mouse t-shirt. She walked out with a pair of my blue jeans and a matching dark blue Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

"You should wear this. We would be matching on purpose." she said waiting for an answer.

I went over to her, hugged her and said "It's a great idea."

Taylor walked into the kitchen to eat some waffles we bought while I changed. When I walked out of the room dressed I saw Niall, Lizzie and my beautiful Taylor sitting at the table.

"Look who's finally ready! You literally took longer than Lizzie and you know Lizzie is a perfectionist about everything!" Taylor said, laughing.

I playfully stuck my tongue out at her, making her giggle.

"UGGHHH! Enough flirting with each other! It gets annoying after a while!" Lizzie said with Niall nodding in agreement.

"Oh really? Well it's payback from what we had to deal with for you guys!" I said defensively.

"Were we really that bad?" Lizzie asked Niall.

Niall nodded and said "Yes! We were actually WAY worse than they are."

"WHATEVER!" Lizzie said frustrated.

Then we piled into the rental car I bought at the airport when we landed. I was driving and Tailz was next to me in the passenger seat up front. Liz and Niall were in the backseat.

"So what rides do you want to go on?" I asked them

"Splash Mountain!" Lizzie suggested

"Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!"

Niall said

"How bout you, Tailz?" I asked Taylor.

"Whatever you want to go on and vice versa , since it's both our first time here." Taylor answered. I remember when Niall brought Lizzie here last year.

Then, Taylor started to freak out when she saw the "Welcome to Disneyland" sign. I was a bit nervous but I wasn't telling them that.

After security check, we walked into Fantasyland. It was just like out of a storybook! We went on Peter Pans Flight, Snow Whites Scary Adventures(which weren't really that scary) , Pinnochio's Daring Journey, and finally Alice In Wonderland.

"Ok, enough of the kids rides, lets go on some thrills!" Taylor said.

We then crossed over into Tommorowland. Taylor pulled me on Autopia. It's like a car ride that you drive yourself. Their are rails so you don't get off track also.

After Autopia, we crossed over into Frontierland and went to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. The drops on the rides were so exciting!!

We returned to the hotel about 4 hours later.

When we got home, everyone showered and went right to bed. I could tell that Taylor was so tired. She fell asleep faster than a car going 100 miles per hour.

Lizzie and I both decided that since we would be so tired in the morning that we would be going to the beach tomorrow instead of the 2nd Disney Park.

I would finally get to see Taylor in a bikini! SCORE!

Then I layed down next to Taylor and fell asleep with my arm around her.


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