Chapter two - Hello Inspector

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Chapter two - Hello Inspector

When I woke up I found that I was still in the spare room. I was lying on Jace with my head on his chest and I couldn't help but smile - I was so glad he was back. I wriggled out of his arms so I could turn and look at the clock, "holy crap!" I yelled.

I faintly heard my parents tell me off for my bad language. "W-what is it?" Jace groggily asked as he woke up.

"It's ten past eight and Samantha is picking me up at half past!" I told him going to get up only to find him holding me in place, "dude, let go!" I told him.

He mumbled something I couldn't hear before saying louder, "call in sick," while pulling me back into the cozy bed.

"I can't believe you would suggest such I thing," I joked as I keep wriggling to try and get out of him grasp, "now seriously Jace, I will bite you if you don't let go," I warned. He grumbled again but did as I said. I rushed out of the spare room and into mine. I took a ten minute shower and quickly blow dried my hair afterwards - since I didn't have time to put it up or anything I let it hang in loose ringlets down past the middle of my back. Then I got dressed into skinny jeans and cute top before throwing on my black leather jacket. I don't bother to wear makeup most days so I didn't waste the little time I had applying any. I heard Samantha beep her horn so I quickly dashed downstairs into the kitchen.

Everyone was here having breakfast or just making some now but I didn't have time so I snatched up an apple from the fruit bowl before looking pointedly at Jace, "you owe me pancakes" I reminded him.

"Tomorrow!" He called after me as I left through the front door and skipped over to Samantha's little ford focus. She was lucky that she was already seventeen and so she could drive - I, on the other hand, normally relied on the buses - but since we were going to the same college she said that she would collect me.

"Hey!" I smiled at her as I got in the passenger side.

"Hey," she returned my smile, "you ready?" She asked.

I shrugged as I started playing with her radio until a good song came on. We sang quite in tune to it until we got to Joe's house when Samantha beeped the horn again and again until he was out of his house. "Hey," he said slapping her arm as he got in the back.

"What?" Samantha replied innocently, "you were taking forever and we're already a late because of this little minx here" she gestured towards me. It was my turn to slap her on the arm now. "Hey" she playfully glare at us, "have you forgotten I'm the only one who can drive here so if you want to get the bus and be late be my guest," She told us.

We filled the rest of the journey with fun, mindless chatter about the summer holidays. We had only met up a couple of times so I was interested to hear what they had been up to. When we got to the college we took our timetable and went our separate ways. As we were good friends I'm quite surprised that we didn't have more in common. Samantha was a complete maths and physics geek and Joe loved to do chemistry whereas I loved biology. I suppose they are all science subjects but there are all different. I have actually considered trying to become a pharmacist but it takes a lot of time and effort to become one I know I should find out more about it. Its annoying at this age not to know what I want to be in the future when you have to choose subjects that will affect the job you can get. Anyway, the college is a science college, so since we all like a science we all got into the same college. The courses I had chosen were: Biology, Maths, German and Chemistry. Samantha had taken two Maths courses, Physics and French. While Joe took Chemistry, German, Maths and IT. We had all keep a language because it was useful to be able to speck more then just English and we weren't terrible at it. Samantha could actually speak Spanish too but she didn't want to carry on doing two so she dropped her least favourite.

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