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   That night had been horrible. Although I was dead tired, the second I laid down, I began to feel self-conscious. As though he could see straight through that makeshift shower-curtain-wall, and was staring right at me.

   Of course, that feeling went away as soon as I began to hear soft snoring. But by then, I wasn't exactly tired anymore, my brain was too active, and my mind just wouldn't stop wandering. I thought about him. Who is he? Where did he come from? Why is here here, in my room? And I thought about Maggie, my Maggie, getting bored of me and finding a new child to paint and play with. I know, it's stupid, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm being replaced.

   As soon as my thoughts settled down, and I thought I may be able to sleep, just a little bit, I heard a soft murmur from across the room. It certainly wasn't English, so even if it was audible, I wouldn't understand. Still, I listened, trying to decipher anything that may answer some questions, but no such luck. All I got from it, was that my new room mate talked in his sleep. Wonderful.

   After trying several different positions on my bed, including upside down, I gave up and propped myself up against the headboard, intending to spend the rest of the night succumbing to my thoughts. I was a bit uncomfortable, seeing as how that boy has most of my pillows, but sometime around 4:00 am, my eyes drooped shut, and I fell into a restless sleep.


   "Sadie, are you okay?" A kind, familiar voice slowly pulled me from sleep the next morning. For a moment, I was extremely confused, not entirely sure where I was or who was talking to me. My head began to clear rather quickly though. Before I even opened my eyes, I could tell it was late in the day, I could feel the heat from the sun streaming through the window behind me. I opened my eyes, and sure enough, the room was bright with sunlight.

   "Ma-" My voice cracked,  and I cleared my throat painfully. "Maggie?"

   "Good afternoon," She whispered, pushing dark hair back from my eyes. "I honestly don't remember the last time I had to wake you up..." She paused and looked me in the eye, before offering a timid smile. "Are you feeling okay?"

   Where do I begin? With the hours of endless thinking I endured last night, or with the doubts that thinking planted in my mind? Should I ask her about it? About him? I mean, of course I'm not feeling okay! Is she crazy? Not to mention the throbbing in my head, and the aching in my legs. Now that I think about it, I haven't been able to move at all since woke up...

   "I'm fine."  I whispered, matching her earlier tone. I considered bringing up that boy, whose name I really needed to figure out, but knowing Maggie, I wouldn't get any straight answers. Besides I'm not in the mood to have a conversation with her right now, I just want to eat and get starting on school work. Something to distract me from the voices on the other side of the room.


   "Like I said, Mom, I'm fine."  I groaned, still groggy.

   "Are you ready for breakfast?" She questioned, helping me sit up despite my legs protest. Nodding enthusiastically, I finally pulled myself up out of bed when Maggie went out to get some food. Part of me can't believe I actually woke up in bed, and not on the floor. Then I suppose sleeping propped up like I had wasn't much better than the floor. 

   As I waited patiently for Maggie to bring my breakfast, quiet chatter could still be heard from my left, near that kid. Was that Mr. Michael with him? I considered  eavesdropping, but decided that would be pointless, and went to bush my hair and teeth instead. I grabbed a uniform from the draw under my bed, then made my way into the small bathroom. If they ever decide to introduce us, I'd rather not be wearing my night gown.

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