Chapter 67

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Sandra's POV

"Gloria!" Harry yelled pounding on the door. We've been knocking for like 10 minutes and nothing. I know she's here because her car is here and the tv is on too. She'd never leave the tv on if she wasn't home.

"She's not gunna answer we gotta find another way in" I suggested.

"Like what?" Harry asked. I just looked around thinking.

"You think that window is too high for me?" I asked pointing to the second story window.

"I would rather knock the door down by myself than have you do something dangerous like that" Harry said.

"Then what do we do?" I asked angrily.

"I'll knock the door down" He said.

"Wait! I have a bobby pin in my hair. I'm pretty sure i can open it. Its been a while though" I muttered picketing the lock with the bobby pin.

"That only works in movies. You actually think you can do that?-Well then never mind"

"Don't question me babe" I said walking in happily.

"Where do you think she is?" Harry asked.

"Her bedroom. I'm sure of it, I saw it in my dream"

We both quickly headed upstairs and looked through all of the rooms until we found hers. I didn't even look around the room, I just ran into the bathroom. That's when I saw her. There she was, my best friend. My sister.

"GLORIA NO!" I yelled taking the jar of pills away from her, but she kept a strong grip on it. We wrestled over the pills for a while until I slapped her cuts making her yell in pain. It may have hurt her like hell, but it made her loosen her grip on the jar which made it easier for me to get. As soon as I had the jar I threw it out of the bathroom as hard as I could.

"Gloria..." I cried pulling her into a tight hug. She just held onto me as if I were her last ray of sunshine. It was as if she let me go, her life would get ripped away from her.

"Harry go get me warm towels, a container filled with hot water, and the first aid kit. It should all be in the kitchen cabinets" I said softly. He just nodded and headed downstairs.

"Let me go!" Gloria yelled angrily, pushing me away. I just looked at her in shock. Well someone is still mad.....

"You shouldn't have saved me! I don't want you to save me! Let me die!" She yelled getting up and running towards the pills that had landed on her bed. I just got up rapidly and jumped, tackling her down on her bed. The only problem was she had was that she couldn't open the jar because I was trying to take them away.

"What the hell?!" Harry yelled setting everything down gently. I just grabbed Gloria but the hair and threw her off of the bed. That's when she dropped the jar. The only bad part is that she flipped over and landed on the floor. She looked pissed, as if she were to kill me at the moment. I just stared at her sadly as tears ran down my cheeks. As we stared at each other, her face slowly turned from angry to sad. Tears ran down her cheeks. She held her knees tight to her chest as her head was in her knees. She cried and cried and cried as she shook terribly. I just stared at her not knowing what to do.

After a while I stared at the jar of pills in my hand. They were sleeping pills. I'm guessing she planned to fall asleep and never wake up tonight.

"Gloria get up" I said softly. She just cried and ignored me.

"Get up" I said a little bit louder.

"No!" She cried.

"Get. Up" I said through gritted teeth.

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