Chapter 5: Percy runs into his math teacher

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Percy POV.

Percy stared at the blank walls dejectively. He couldn't believe they were... He couldn't even think the word. It wasn't fair. He should have been the one who had fallen. He was the Son of Poseidon for Gods sake! He could have saved them.

Oh Gods, What would he tell Nico? That's twice he lost his sister. What about Thalia? Percy shuddered mentally, thinking of the ways Thalia was likely to impale him with her arrows.

Thoughts and memories swirled around his head. He thought back to when he and Jason first came face to face, realizing they had switched places. The time Hazel had asked what a chicken nugget was. Gods they had both risked so much, and the mortal world would never understand.

Suddenly over come with sadness, Percy whipped out Riptide and attacked the walls of his prison. His sword scratched the walls leaving dark scrapes, but not more than that. He wasn't really trying to escape, but he really needed to let off steam. He yelled out a mixture of Greek and English curses, thinking of Hazel and her innocence, Jason and his leadership, finally to Annabeth who he wanted so much right now it hurt. He didn't know if she was alive.

What if she wasn't? How could he survive without his other half? They went through Tartatrus together! Somehow he knew that if Annabeth was alive Nico would take care of her until they meet again.

"Find her..." Percy said in a small voice shaking still. "I will find her again. I swear on the Styx."

He felt himself fall backwards onto the bed and stare of into space again.

Why was it that all the gods seemed to be hating on him all the time? It's not his fault the most powerful demigod of his era, whose fatal flaw is loyalty. Percy wondered the why the gods would pull them out of the fight. He wasn't sure that Camp Half Blood could have survived without them.

There was just too many monsters. And what was that Kellie said about new masters?

If Percy didn't know better he would assume he had a new enemy. And a big threat he was, sitting in a small, theoretically indestructible cell on a Hellicarrier. Honestly he was surprised Zeus hadn't blasted him to the Elysium.

Percy hadn't really put up a fight against these...agents of SHIELD when they dragged him back to that floating aircraft. Apparently that iron robot was property of that guy who they had left in that conference room. They, much to Percy's amusement, didn't know what the Hades to do with him. So they stuck him in a cell until they could find some guy named Director Fury.

Percy hoped he'd stay lost.

Fury just reminds him too much of the underworld and Hades personal assistants, that have tried, on multiple occasions, to kill him. At least Hades wasn't trying to kill him right this second. Perhaps he hadn't found out yet.

He once again found himself amiss sad thoughts. It took him a minute to realize someone was calling his name.

"What?" He cried irritated, after about for or five more times of them saying his name. "And for the record, it's Percy!"

It was some woman with the SHIELD insignia on her shoulder. She had brown short cropped hair and blue eyes. She walked like she owned the place. But that wasn't the first thing Percy noticed. She was wearing a black leather jacket. A very familiar black leather jacket. Percy swallowed a lump in his throat. Speaking of Hades personal assistants...

"Now, honey," She said her eyes flickering to their true red color but then back. "No need to get snippy. I'm not allowed to kill you yet."

She motioned for him to follow her. Percy didn't move.

"Honey, move now." She said. "You've got a meeting with Hades least favorite mortals." Percy slowly got up keeping his hand within grabbing distance of his pen.

"What are you doing here if you're not trying to kill me?"

"Well Perseus," She smiled as Percy flinched as his real name. "As it turns out I do secret agents just as well as I do math teachers and lawyers."

Percy didn't laugh.

"Well, honey," The Alecto said. "Hades has sent me to inform you that he is searching the underworld for your friends but so far he hasn't found any sight of them."

"They're not there? That means they could still be alive!" They had started to walk down the strangely empty halls of the Hellicarrier.

"Not necessarily, Poseidon said he hasn't seen then either. And he also wanted to let you know that these mortals are part of a group called the Avengers, that group that protected earth from the alien invasion--"

"Alien invasion?" Percy asked incredulously.

"Yes while you were taking your little nap, New York was attacked by a race of aliens. You are not allowed to let them know of the gods. There is one who knows of the Greek gods but he is far off in his home world of Asgard."


"The home world of Norse Gods."

"They're real too? Splendid." Percy rolled his eyes. more people to take advantage of him, yay.

"So this is where I leave you for now, demigod." Alecto said spitefully. "Bye, honey." With that she pushed open a seemingly random door and pushed Percy in with an unusual, but not entirely unexpected, amount of force. Percy tripped over his own feet and fell to the carpeted rug.

He grumbled angrily but when he looked back at Alecto she was gone.

Percy looked back up at the round table where there were five very different people sitting, and one guy standing.

"Here we go again..." Percy murmured to himself.


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