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Annabeth's POV

"Safe-Zones are my room and the guest room"Silena announced,"So no killing each other in those places"

I spread everyone one out each in different places of the house,"Starting in 3,2,1,GO!"

Percy's POV

As soon as Annabeth yelled Go I took off running to find Clarisse.I ran into the kitchen where I saw Grover looking through the fridge.I rolled my eyes at him then ran into the living room.

I decided to check the hallway,I held my chopstick in front of me like one of those police guys with a gun on a TV show.

Suddenly a door busted open revealing Thalia

"Ha gotcha!"She yelled,"Wait you're not Leo" Then walked past me.

I continued down the hallway and stopped in front of a door,then opened it. The window  in the room was opened and I could see a few people outside. then I heard Leo screaming and heard Thalia shouting at him,"COME HERE REPAIR BOY"

It was a risky move to go outside since it was dark and someone could sneak up on me but I decided to go anyway.

I went through the window and into the back yard,Thalia was still chasing Leo.

I looked around and saw almost everyone out here.

Travis was sneaking from tree to tree while Connor ran around.

But Clarisse wasn't out here,I quickly scanned the backyard with my eyes then walked back into the house.

I opened a door which led to the guest-room,Clarisse was in it.

I couldn't attack her since it was a safe-zone so I decided to walk to the mirror and stand next to it.

Leo was also in the room with his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath.

"You okay there?" I asked him

"Yeah i'm fine Thalia is still out to murder me"

I nodded and turned to see Clarisse but she wasn't there.She must have ran out while I talked to Leo.

I ran out of the room and down the hallway again but I wasn't paying attention so I ended up crashing into someone.

YES it was Clarisse,I tagged her with my chopstick,"Damn it"she muttered then told me her victim who would be the person I would be after now.

It was Travis,I sighed and ran back outside hoping that he would still be out here but no such luck.

Suddenly Connor ran in carrying a Nerf gun and shot me with it at least 7 times,"HA"he yelled

"How did you even get that?! I half yelled,"We aren't even allowed to use Nerf guns only our chopsticks"

Connor snorted,"Of course I wouldn't play fair,What did you expect?"

Annabeth walked in with Silena and raised an eyebrow at Connor Nerf gun

"I think we should end the game since people here obviously don't know how to play fair,first Travis with his water gun and now Connor has a Nerf gun"

Everyone soon were gathered in the living room,Grover,Juniper,Annabeth,and Chris left since it was dark out.

After around half an hour of the rest of us fooling around we decided to go to sleep.

I took the couch,making Nico very upset and began to drift away.

Nico's POV (Bet you didn't see that one coming! Well maybe you did And there won't be many of Nico's POV unless you guys like them but this is a Percabeth so mostly there will be Percy's and Annabeth's POV)

I ended up in the living room on the ground,not very comfortable and stared at the ceiling,for a few days after the  accident happened I hadn't been able to sleep.

After a while of sleepless nights I soon began to be able to take pills to help me sleep they worked well.

But I didn't have them with me tonight,I got up from the ground and left Silena's house.

The cool wind ruffled my hair and I walked over to a bus stop and sat down on a bench  while hugging my jacket closer to me.

Annabeth's POV

Juniper gave me a ride home.the moment I stepped through the door I ran to my room and fell asleep.

I woke up and looked at the clock

School started in less than 15 minutes! I frantically changed my clothes and grabbed my backpack.

I ran into the School and glanced at a clock on the wall,I was late.

My feet carried me to Math,and I opened the door.

Everyone in the class seemed to be taking a test and they all looked up at the sudden noise.

"How nice of you to join us Ms.Chase please take a seat and begin the sheet on your desk"

I blushed and practically ran to the empty desk.

Lunch soon came around and I walked outside to eat.I saw a pair of feet walk next to me and someone sat down.

I turned my head and saw Luke,"Hey mind if I join you?"

"Well you already are sitting next to me and I don't think you will leave"I pointed  out

"Look i'm sor-"he said but I cut him off,"I don't need your apology"I said angrily while I grabbed my backpack then stormed off.


Finally! An update how long ago was it when I last updated? I'm not really happy with how this chapter came out and I'm sorry for no Percabeth! But there will be in the next chapter.

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