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As Perrie and Jade stood together in the lunch line, they were on the lookout for two very special boys. Perrie soon found hers sitting at the lunch table by himself.

"I found Zayn!" Perrie whisper-shouted at Jade.

"Is he by himself?" Jade asked.

"Yeah. Why?" Perrie answered.

"He's always by himself lately. Such a shame," Jade said, her tone filled with sorrow.

"Oh. Well, maybe I can cheer him up," Perrie said as she payed for her lunch.

"Good luck," Jade said.

"I certainly hope so," Perrie replied as she walked towards Zayn.

She checked her hair and checked her outfit before walking to the table.

"Hi neighbor buddy, do you mind if I sit with you?" Perrie asked sheepishly.

"No. Not at all," Zayn agreed.

Perrie sat down across from him.

"Why'd you decide to sit here with me?" Zayn asked.

"I don't really know anyone else and I saw you and thought that maybe you can use a sitting buddy. I know I do," Perrie answered.

"Wait, but weren't you talking to that Jade girl?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah but I don't really know her that well to sit with her," Perrie answered.

"Oh. Well, I guess I like having you sit here. I've never had anyone sit with me before. People are usually scared of me because I'm one of the 'popular' kids when I really just want someone to talk to," Zayn admitted.

Perrie was taken back. She had never expected for him to open up like this.

"I'll be that person. If you want me to be of course," Perrie said slowly.

"Sure. You seem nice, Perrie Edwards," Zayn said.

"You too, Zayn Malik," Perrie said.

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