Alexis Pov.

2 years later

excuse my french but let me french kiss

you like niggas from paris

well i aint from there

should i mention i wear sweats

she say it unfair

she ask me why i came i said im missing the drink and

a nigga keep telling me to come here

yeah yeah

oh my you know i

but never met another nigga like me

probably know a nigga that wont fight me

but i curve that keep niggas in check like nikey

people fall like a cane with a heartbeat

sprite bottle to the cloud trying to make the skylee

skurr skurr in the brand new skylee

skurr skurr in the brand new skylee

i mean skyline

you and me why you cheking on your timeline

girl the way you shake damn i swear you were bornn

like you are fine

burn like usher but heres my confession i

need you in dressing pronto

i aint Jamaican my eyes looking asian

i need me more blessing pronto

high in love while im high on you

wassup j wassup b

kiddy shit like tapping shoulders

turning round like it wasnt me

its been months now

and she still aint found no major flaws

she knows she looks good but she always be askin me

bae do i look cute or nah

bae do i look cute or nah

yeah without that fucking bra



I song as the plane began to land.I thought about how fast my life have moved.I was chosen by Louis Vutton to be there new Purse designer.I was landing in Europe for a mindless behavior concert.I wanted to surprise them with my boyfriend Tonie Jason.We are soon to get married in a few months.I really love him,but i wounder what Princeton reaction would be.I picked up my bags and walked out the plane.Since Tonie Aunt lives in Europe she came to pick us up and take us to the arena.I walked in for they would already know who i am.I told the sercuity guard who i was and what i was doing.They just oked it,we began to walk to the dressing room.I bursted in the door... "Put your mothafucking hands up",I yelled with my Atlanta Accent. "Mann What you what from us?",Chresano yelled. "For yall to give me all your Fucking money and phones",I yelled at them.Everybody passed me there devices i swear they are some idiots. "Now yall want to know why i am here?",I yelled. "Why?",Princeton Answered back. "Im your worse but yet best night mare",i answered back. "What?",they all yelled. "Because im back mother fucker", i said taking my shades,Hoodie,makeup,and Other extra stuff off. When they saw my face they started screaming and hugging me.I introducted Princeton he seemed mad but i really didnt care...

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