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I woke up this morning thinking about last night. It was absoutley amazing RNS! I aint never had no pussy that good in my LIFE i love this girl with a passion. There ajnt no way she could of had no baby cause her pussy was to tight. I looked over at her peaceful body sleeping, she looked so beautiful and stress free, thats my baby right there, i just need her my son and mercedes and im a happy as man. While i was looking around i saw our clothes but no condom. Thats when i really started to panick i mean like we both got children do we really need a third one? but then again i wouldnt mind having another lil trevor running around or a lil zay, but not right now, later on maybe. I decided to get up and get dressed to go to pick up my son so i got out the bed and zay was still sleep, letting me know i did my job correctly last night;). I got in tue shower for ten minutes and got out i decided on wearing my black trues, plain white tee and my taxi 12s i looked fresh.

"Where you going looking like that?" zay asked giving me a heart attack

"I was going to my aunts to get tj, what are you doing today?"

"Well while you where in the showere mercedes said she wanted to go to the park with me you and tj so how doe that sound? and after we can go out to eat"

"Sounds like a plan to me baby" i said while kissing her lips

"Well txt me when your ready to go" she said putting in a fake smile, its something wring with her but i dont want to upset her so inwill leave it alone.

"I love you Zay"

"I love you to trevor" she said looking at me innmy eyes so that i know its real.


The reason im acting so funny is because i noticed we didnt use a condom and im scared shitless right now!!!

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