It was now Sunday. Natalie still wasn't done with filling us in, and we were near the entrance of the church. I was wearing my black clay with white fur and black furry Uggs

"And you know about Tess and Jackson? Each was afraid that they're gonna be the ones to get dumped, so they started this really weird rumor. I can't really remember..." Natalie paused so I took the advantage to cut in, "Natalie? Do you take any gossip requests?" I asked and turned to look at Mia who was looking straight at me, "Mia Renaldi over there, is she new?"

"Well, she's been around, but new haircut, new fangs, and now she's hanging out with all the royals." Natalie answered. Headmistress Kirova was walking by to go to church until she noticed Rose, "Rose Hathaway, what are you doing here?"

"Surely you would not deprive a girl of her religious needs?" Rose sassily replied back, Kirova smirked, "Just get inside."

As we were walking in Natalie started talking about extracurricular activities, "...the debate team, and I don't really know if I-" Rose cut her off, "Speaking of extracurricular activities that I miss, is that Jesse?" Rose asked entranced, "The hot got hotter." Jesse looked over at her as we stood infront of the Dragomir Shrine.

"Yeah," Natalie answered, "He's still the Academy's number one wet dreamboat." "He has a horrible personality." I told Rose, "Jesse has a personality?" Rose asked me with her hands on her hips, "I didn't know. Don't judge a book by its content." She told me. Lissa cut in, "You know this is a church, right?" We laughed.

"Gosh, if only there was a way that we could set up a double date with Ray over there." Natalie gushed, "You can't tell me that there's no inbreeding amongst you royals. Exhibit Ray." Rose replied. "Ray just doesn't know how to express his feelings. You know, when a boy throws sand into a girl's face, it really means that... *sigh* Never mind." Natalie walked away as we all stared at her knowing it wasn't true. Lissa and I then followed her into the church knowing Rose and Jesse were going to talk.

We took our seats and soon the church bell ring tolled and Lissa went back out to talk to Rose and then Mason and Rose came and sat in the Dhampir section with me.

I was listening to the priest until I heard him say, "Even St. Vladimir had difficulty controlling and understanding his powers. But he was bound to a loving Dhampir guardian who always knew what was in his heart and mind. Shadow-Kissed Anna."


There was an explosion in the hall and everyone gasped and rushed to see what it was.

The Dragomir Shrine was ruined on it in red wrote 'Leave or Die Bloodsucking Dhampir' Lissa gasped from the damage and I geared up and Dimitri and Alberta took Lissa and I to our room.

The Next Day.

I heard a noise at the door of Lissa and I's dorm, I walked slowly suspicious and opened the door. There was nothing, nobody insight until I felt something drip on my face.

Blood. Blood of the dead fox that hung above my door and I gasped and screamed. I was crying after trying to heal it but was failing because it was already dead.

I sat kneeling on the pavement scratching my arms while crying when Rose and Dimitri found me. They took me inside where I told them, "I heard... I heard a noise ." I stammered in pain.

"Amelia..." Rose whispered to me, "There's so much blood." I whispered, "It's starting again, isn't it Rose?" As Rose layed me down on the couch. "I tried,Rose, I tried to bring it back, but... It was too late." Rose was stroking my hair.

"Get over here and comfort her, jerk." She said as she turned to Oscar who was lounging in my recliner. He got up and ran over to me where he jumped up to my face where I pet him while still crying.

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