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they are coming they are coming

cried the people from outside

and as i heard the frenzied shrieks

something small in me, it died

they will kill us they will kill us

called the madmen in the street

and then my heart began to pound

as it sunk down to my feet

if i go there if i go there

said the voice inside my head

the crushing crowds will conquer me

i'll soon be worse than dead

i will hide in here forever

no monsters can touch me here

and my heart will never learn to

triumph up over my fear

A.N. it's a little confusing, but the man is hearing voices that are in his head, and they're telling him not to leave or something bad will happen. and then at the end he is just confined to his house, too scared to leave or he won't be able to escape. but essentially he can't escape anyway.

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