Chapter 26

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The crowd was each seated at circular tables going back a long ways. Definitely in the thousands. I gulped in fear. "Now before we begin," Hunter began in a booming voice that demanded authority. "Let us make a toast, to this new union!" A wine glass appeared in his hand and he raised it. Red liquid sloshed inside it. I think I’m going to throw up. Vampires way back in the nose bleeds even raised their glasses. Then with confident moves, their Prince threw back his head and drank.

Suddenly, Hunter violently spit out all the contents onto the ground beside him, looking enraged. I noticed some vampires in the crowd doing the same. Others simply looked foggily at their empty wine glass before falling over onto the ground, not moving. "What is the meaning of this?!" He shouted.

Lord Egan caught my eye from a table close to the front, a shattered wine glass at his feet. He hadn't drank a drop. But nonetheless, his eyes widened and he fell to his knees then face first onto the ground, a wooden stake protruding from his back.

Now my eyes widened and I backed up a step in surprise. Kaycie was at my side, grinning maliciously. "Cue angry slave mob!" She whispered in excitement.

"What are you talking about?" I asked in confusion but she never answered, just pointed in front of me. Leo, the pure Demon, strode forward and pulled out the stake from Egan’s back.

He turned it this way and that, examining it. "Bulls-eye!" He shouted triumphantly.

"You are dead!!" Hunter was beyond angry; he started forward.

Melissa, the witch, popped into existence and stepped out from behind Leo crossing her arms. Jackie appeared on the other, her staff pointed toward the crowd of vampires, Tucker held her hand. Haley and Celina appeared on the right, carried by their super speed. Holly and Jayden covered the left. More and more slaves began to appear. Some I knew, others were complete strangers. Hunter slowed and stared.

On the other side, maids, cooks and a whole assortment of humans held mismatched pieces of wood. From the leg of a table to what look like a piece of a door. By the time they were done assembling, all the vampires were surrounded.

And outnumbered.

There was a clashing of plates and a loud crash. Everyone’s head whipped toward the very center table.

My heart stuttered joyfully. "Cody..." I breathed in wonder. I'd never been so happy to see him in my life. Cody rose from his crouch and smirked at Hunter's stunned expression. He was shirtless and in cut off jean shorts. His wings were stretched to their full length and in his hand he carried a sword.

“He sure knows how to make an entrance,” I heard Kaycie chuckle.

I couldn’t help but agree; He looked like an avenging angel.

I felt my own wings open and spread in response, a brilliant smile spreading across my face. Hunter was definitely not as pleased as I. His snarl echoed throughout the clearing we were in. The vampires at the table Cody landed on backed away fearfully.

"You!" Hunter glared furiously at his demon.

"Me," Cody smirked again. "Anything else you want to point out?"

"You arranged this!"

Cody's voice dripped in sarcasm. "Noooo really? I thought it was Egan!" Cody's eyes found mine and he gave the slightest of nods and a smile. My insides squirmed.

"Enough of this. Get him!" He commanded. The mob of slaves surged forward from either side shouting.

I watched the melee in startled surprise. They totally left me out of everything! My eyes tried to be everywhere at once, but mostly they stayed locked on Cody. He was busy with four or five vampires in front of him.

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