Chapter 19

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"I hate you." I say. "Nope you love me!!" Calum said. "Liar!"

Right now Calum and I are on the phone. He was mocking me. "I don't sound like that!" I say.

I hang up without saying bye and lay my head on Liams lap. "What happened?" he asks. " Calum is being mean." I might sound like a 2 year old but who cares?

He laughs at me and pays attention to the TV. I get up and go to the kitchen. I see Niall on the phone. "Tomorrow? ok." he says and hangs up. "What was that?" I ask. "You are going to school."

"Really?" I ask excitedly. "Yes." he laughs. "Is Madison and Mark?" I ask. "Yeah. Why are you so excited? It's school." he asks. "I haven't been to school in a long time. At the orphanage we had home schooling."

"You start on Tuesday, but tomorrow we are going to get your schedule and stuff." I nod and run to Marks room.

"Hey!" I say smiling. "Hey why are you so happy?" he asks. "We are going to school!" "Oh yeah... i don't wanna!" he says.

"Why?" I ask. "It's school!" he answers. "So? We haven't been in years!" "Yeah but haven't you thought about people using us?"

"For what?" I ask. "Wait nevermind. Me being blonde." (A/N not meaning to offend anyone. I'm a blonde myself.) "I noticed." I roll my eyes and walk out his room.

I go to Madisons room and she isn't in there. I go down stairs to see if she is down there. Nothing.

"Madison?"I call out. "Hey have you seen Madison?" I ask Louis. "No have you seen Zayn?" "No."

We search the house for either of them but we found nothing. I tried calling her but got nothing.

About an hour later they show up at the house. "Where were yall?" I ask. "We were getting something." Zayn says. "What?" Louis asks. "It's a surprise!" Madison says.

She goes to her room and I follow her. "Tell me!" I demand. "Okay so like Marks birthday is coming up so we want to celebrate it with a surprise!" "Why couldn't you tell Louis?" I ask. "He can't keep a secret." She says. "Oh haha."

The next day

I'm so nervous! "I don't wanna go to school!" Mark says. "Well to bad!" Harry says getting out the car.

We walk in the school and the halls are empty. We walk to the office and there is an old lady sitting there. "Hi. Are you three the new students?" "Sadly." Mark says.

We get our schedules and leave. "We need to go shopping..." Harry says. "No! I don't like doing that anymore unless we get sport stuff."  I say. "We have to get school supplies." Louis says.

We get to the store and look for supplies. I found a binder with one direction on it... "Hey! I should get this." I say showing Louis. "Yeah you all should."  "I was kidding." I say seriously. "I find a binder with a chevron pattern and pencils and paper.

"Hey Abby we should get this." Madison says showing me a bookbag. It is pink and purple polka dots. "Too girly!" I say. "Ohh I like this one!" I say grabbing a Grey furry koala bookbag. "That's kinda kiddish..." Mark says. "Would you rather me get the spiderman one I really want?" "Nah koalas are good."

We pay for our stuff and we get home. I decide to actually look at my schedule. I have 7 classes but they are 1 hour long. I have:





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