Chapter 2

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I woke up the next day somehow with all the pillows off my bed. I laughed to myself know I do that almost every night.

I got up and went to the living room to see if my mom was home yet.

She was. She's sitting on the couch drinking her daily coffee, dark.

"Hey Mom." I greeted her as I do almost every morning.

"Hey sweetheart, how'd you sleep?"

"I slept good, thanks."

"Good, worked sucked last night as usual." I laughed at her comment knowing where I get my attitude from.

"Well let's hope you have a good day at the diner," I told her.

"I'm sure I will, ." She smiled and got up to grab her purse, " I have to get going."

"Okay mom. Love you."

"Love you too." She kissed my forehead and walked out of the apartment.

I was left alone one again. Not that I minded though.

I went to my room to get ready. I quickly to a shower, dried my hair and straighten it. I picked out a shirt the pat said 'Artic Monkeys' and a pair of light skinny jeans with black vans.

I looked in the mirror scanning the freckles on my face and my green eyes. I quickly shook my head at my appearance.

I walked out of my room then out of my front door. Dreading the fine Tuesday.


Once I made it to school I saw everyone's cliques. Then I heard someone shouting my name.


I turned around and quickly spotted my friend Luke, wearing his usual attire, black skinny jeans and a Nirvana t-shirt.

I smiled and walked towards him.

"What do you want green giant?" I asked him teasingly.

"I wanted to see if you were doing anything after school?"

"Nothing, why?"

"I need help studying in math so can you please, please help me?"

I just laughed at his childness and said yes.

"Okay great. Meet me at my car after school."

"I know, I know."

"Okay," he started to walk away but then he quickly turned around to face me again, "Oh and there's this new kid in school. You should stay away from him." He told me like I was a child.

"You can't tell me what to do."

"Well , I just did." He stuck his tongue out at me and walked away.

When I got inside of the school I walked over to my locker. I grabbed my history book and started walking to class. Once I got there there was already a few kids inside. I walked over to my usual seat in the back corner.

The tardy bell sounded and the rest of the class walked in, all chirpier than yesterday. Surprising.

Once the first ten minutes of class passed the door opened and a blonde kid, who was obviously a brunette before, walked in.

He had sleeves of tattoos that could knock any tattoo artist of a bench.

"Your late." Mr.Snow stated.

"Does it look like I care?" Blondie asked with a bored expression.

He must be the kid Luke was talking about.

"Well, Niall I don't tolerate tardiness in this classroom."

He just rolled his eyes at that.

"You may sit next to Ms. Day or Mr. Irwin." Oh goodness, my last name is Day.

He looked at Ashton for a moment but quickly looked over at me, smirking. Douche.

He walked over to the empty seat next to me and pushed it over next to me.

"Hey babe."

"Don't talk to me."

"Oh feisty my favorite." I rolled my eyes.

Irish, he's Irish.

He kept bothering me all class and got me in trouble for talking twice.

I ran out once the bell rang. I looked behind me and saw him looking at me from the end of the hall.


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