Ch. 12 - Finally

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NOTE: This chapter will be shorter than others.. I'm sorry!!! Well.. I think it's short.. It's 1,400 words.


After the call with the cops, they waited.. sitting on the couch with their chin on their hands. Louis sighed loudly. It's been over an hour since the call and Louis was getting worried. Worried that this was another false alarm. That they didn't find Harry and Danielle. It hurt Louis hearing that they might've found Harry, but it was false hope. Eleanor sighed loudly, Louis glanced at her. Tears were brimming her eyes, and she was on the verge of tears.

"I hope they find him.." Eleanor sighed softly, leaning her head back on the couch. Louis nodded.

"Me too..." Louis muttered, sighing softly. Something he's been doing a lot. He just wanted Harry and Danielle here with him, safe and sound. But this was reality and Louis needed to face it. He was probably going to never find Harry. He could be out of the country by now! He grabbed the remote, changing the channel to the movie channel. Iron man 2 was on, and in the middle of it. Louis set the remote down, getting comfortable cuddling the blanket. Eleanor grabbed another blanket, and wrapped it around her. They watched the movie contently, sometimes looking at the clock that hung on the wall by the TV. It was 2 PM and it was 1 PM when he got off the phone with the police. Louis tapped his finger on the arm rest impatiently, looking at the clock now. He couldn't keep his eyes on the movie anymore, He kept thinking of Harry or Danielle. They could be dead by now! It's been like 2 weeks since Danielle went missing an like a month since Harry went missing! Eleanor tapped her foot on the ground impatiently, looking at the clock now. She also couldn't keep her eyes on the movie. He sighed, and looked over at the counter where the phone was. As if on cue, the phone rang loudly making Louis and Eleanor jump five feet in the air. Louis ran over to the counter, picking the phone up smiling widely.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hello Mr. Tomlinson. We have some good news.." The police man said, making Louis smile even wider. "We found Harry and Danielle."


Harry groaned as he took another blow to the stomach. Groaning, He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, re opening his eyes. Danielle sat next to him with a terrified look on her face.

"Please stop!!" Danielle's screams could be heard as Jason beat Harry. Tears streamed down her face as she watched her boyfriend get hurt. She got close enough to pull on Jason's leg, but he just shook her off, and threw another punch.

"No. His friend didn't pay, so he gets beat." Jason's gruff voice said. Harry laid there, motionless as he let Jason hit him over and over again. He stopped minutes later, and dragged Danielle out of the room as she screamed. He laid down, and soon fell asleep from exhaustion.


Jason walked downstairs after an hour of leaving Danielle and Harry chained up. He pushed food near them. It looked like garbage food. He stopped treating them good ever since he called Louis. Harry and Danielle sighed, their eyes widening at the food on their plate. They pushed it away, and looked back at Jason who was looking at them. In the distant you could hear sirens, making Danielle and Harry smile wide. They held hands tightly.

"Sh. Don't say anything or yell anything or Danielle get's shot." He threatened harshly, putting tape on their mouths. They nodded hurriedly. Jason went upstairs, and opened the door.

"Hello officers." Harry heard him say. He scoffed at the politeness in Jason's voice.

"Hi. We heard screaming, and we have a search warrant." The officer smirked. He nodded, and let them in. Harry heard footsteps getting closer to the door, and he smiled widely.

"Open this door." the officer ordered. "Now." Jason tried getting away, but there was another officer who grabbed him and put him to the wall. Grabbing the keys, the officer unlocked the door and opened it. Harry grinned at the light.

"Hello?" Called out the officer. Danielle and Harry yelled, but it came out muffled. Three police men came downstairs, gasping at the sight.

On the other hand, Louis and Eleanor were outside waiting.


After the police men unchained them and took the tape off their mouths, He led them upstairs and outside. He saw Louis and ran into his arms. They hugged tightly, both have tears streaming down their faces.

"I missed you so much." Louis muttered, holding Harry with a killer grip.

"I missed you too.." Harry mumbled, He finally let Louis go and turned over to see Danielle.

"Bye Danielle, I'll text you later yeah?" Harry smiled, kissing her on the lips softly. She kissed back, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Yeah, definitely." Danielle smiled before walking away.


She watched patiently as the cops went in the house. She sighed, and looked over at Louis who was in front of her. Minutes later, She saw the police walk out of the house with three people. She noticed Harry as Harry ran into Louis' arms. She awed mentally at the sight, as she watched Harry give Danielle a kiss. She looked taken aback, but smiled widely when Harry turned towards her. He smiled as Eleanor ran into his arms, hugging him tightly.

"God. Harry. I don't know what'd I do without you." Eleanor muttered softly, her arms wrapped around Eleanor's neck. He smiled widely, snuggling in Eleanor's neck, not wanting to leave this spot. She missed Harry so much, and she didn't want to leave this spot either.

"I missed you." Harry mumbled, before slowly letting her go.

"I missed you too."


"Evan... I'm sorry but it's over.. I met someone else.." Danielle told her ex boyfriend, Evan. He frowned, and sighed softly before nodding and walking out, slamming the door loudly. She was now in her bed-room after the cops had found her and took her to the hospital for check up. She had a broken arm, and a sprained ankle with tons of bruises on her neck, arms, stomach and legs. Her kitten hopped up on her bed, and meowed rather loudly. She smiled, and pet the kitten softly. Her sister soon joined the kitten on the bed, smiling at her sister who was missing for weeks.

"Hey baby girl." Danielle smiled at her little sister, kissing her on top of her head. Her sister smiled widely before hopping off the bed and running out of the room. She met the other boys properly before she went home from the hospital. She said goodbye to Harry, and left after giving him her number. They approved of Danielle and Harry's relationship but Louis seemed a bit jealous. Danielle was the only one who noticed. Danielle could see the love in Harry and Louis' eyes. She knew they love each other but the problem was, they wouldn't admit it. They never will. She thought. He liked Harry, but maybe they were pushing each other into a secretly un-wanted relationship. Not because they didn't like each other but because they liked someone else. Danielle laid on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. She was attracted to Niall for some reason. Danielle didn't know why when she was dating his best-mate.

She shouldn't be attracted to Niall. And Niall shouldn't be attracted to her. But he secretly was. Danielle let her eyes close for a few minutes, loving the quietness she hasn't gotten in weeks. She missed the quietness that came with her house. She may have a sister but she was always quiet. She opened her eyes, grabbing her phone. She unlocked it and typed in her managers number.

"Hello?" someone answered the phone.

"Hi! It's Danielle, I just wanted to tell you that I had some personal issues so I couldn't make it in the past weeks." Danielle told her manager with a small frown playing on her lips. Her manager sighed.

"I know and it's fine. I hope you recover soon. Have a nice day Danielle." Her manager told Danielle with a small smile forming on her lips, hanging up the phone

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