Missed Me?

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Al was out on the balcony smoking a fag while I was lying on the sofa reflecting on the past hour. I actually can't believe I kissed him. I hate him. Well at least I thought I did. What I find even weirder is that I want to kiss him again. Is that wrong? Before I could think anything else, Al came in from the balcony.

"Missed me darl'?"

"You were gone for like two minutes." I said looking at him with a raised eyebrow



"Well I missed you Jennifer"

"Are you being serious?"

"I never lie, you should know that by now!"

"You don't lie, you charm"

Alex smirked and winked at me

"So what do you wanna do for the rest of the night?" Al asked

"Hmmmmm... How about a film?"

"Sounds good any preferences?"

"Human centipede, its my favourite!" I say grinning at him

"Are you being serious? That film is twisted"

"Is someone a little scared?" I say teasing him. Al gently hits my arm

"No, I'm a true man, I think I should be able to cope with people getting sewn together"

"Goody good! Lets get started, i'll grab a couple of beers"

"Sounds good darlin'!"

We sit down on the sofa together and he puts his arm around my shoulders. I let myself snuggle into his chest. He smelt so good, as per usual!

It was ten minutes into the film when Alex had to look away. He's a bit of a pussy really, its quite funny!

"It gets worse by the way" I tell him with a smile

"Its fine, I'm a man. I can watch this" Just as he finished talking the crazy doctor sewed two peoples knees together. I have never seen a rockstar squirm so loudly before. He buried his head into mine. To be fair I couldn't look either but at least I didn't have a mini panic attack-unlike Mr Alex Turner.

"You're such a woose Al"

"I'm not, I just don't like-"

Al gagged and once again buried his head into me. I won't describe the scene from the film but it was pretty disgusting. Lets just say there were a lot of needles and flesh involved.

When the film had finally finished Al looked white.

"Are you okay Al? Do you need some fresh air?"

"I think I might just go outside for a quick fag, be back in a few minutes darlin"

Those few minutes turned out to be 15 minutes. I even think I saw him throw up on the balcony. He's a softie really.

"Do you feel better now?" I say seriously as he reenters the room.

"A bit, I think I may need to watch a disney film or summat before I go to bed"

"A disney film?"

"Whats wrong with disney?"

"You're a 28 year old rockstar and you want to watch a disney film!?"

"Yeh, I especially like Aladdin"

I let out a little chuckle before I reply

"Aladdin just happens to be my favourite too!"

"No shit, we have to watch it then!"

Alex had widened his eyes and he was doing a puppy dog stare at me

"Are you drunk?"i ask him

"No! I've only had two beers!"

"Then why are you acting so weird?"

"You told me to ditch my dick personality so I'm being my true self!"

"You really like disney films then?"

"Yeah they're my guilty pleasure, can you do me a favour and not tell the guys that 'cause they'll take the piss out of me"

"I promise, lets watch that film then"

I snuggled into Al's chest and he wrapped his arm around me. This is quite cute, I thought to myself. For that 90 minutes it seemed like we were a proper couple. We were even singing along to "a whole new world" and "prince Ali". When the film finished we sat there speechless for a few seconds.

"How can disney manage to make cartoons hot?" Al asks

"You have a thing for Jasmine?"

"I wouldn't say a "thing" but you have to admit shes something else- just like you!"

Al taps my nose as he talked. I turned bright red. "I'm no princess Al"

"In my opinion you are"

"You're lying"

"As I told you before I only speak the truth"

My mouth couldn't help but smile.

"You're quite something too Al"

"Aladdin something?"

"No, just plain old Alex Turner something"

"Is that a good thing?"

"Its an excellent thing"

He then kissed me on the forehead

"Come on its 2 o'clock, lets go to bed." I say jumping up from the sofa.

"I'm guessing I'm taking the sofa?"

"Al you can sleep with me!"

"I'm so sorry love, but I didn't bring protection"

"Everything's so dirty with you isn't it!"

Al winked at me. He then removed his shirt revealing his rather toned chest. I couldn't help but stare

"Like what you see?" he said teasing me

"Oh fuck off" I say trying to hide my crimson cheeks. Al was now just wearing his calvin Klein boxers.

"Are you not wearing pajamas?" I ask

"No, I normally go naked but I have a feeling it might get a little bit awkward if you see my crown jewels!"

"Get into bed and sleep before I punch your precious jewels!"

Al jumped onto the bed and then slid under the covers.

"Close your eyes!"


"I don't want you to see me get changed!"

Al hesitated but then obliged.

"Thank you"

I got changed as quick as I could. I packed my tartan pj bottoms and a vest top. I put my hair up into a messy bun. I slid under the sheets when I was done.

"You can open your eyes now" I tell Al. He opened his eyes quickly.

" Nice tat darl', never thought you would be the type of girl to get all inked up!"

"You peeked!" I felt so embarrassed especially because the tattoo was just above my bum!

"Sorry love I just couldn't resist, after all you did get to see me in the flesh!"

"Al I thought you were ditching this side of your personality for me?"

"I have! I'm just speaking the truth!"

I whack him with a pillow and turn off the light.

"Night Al"

"Night Jennifer, I hope you have many good dreams!"

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