Chapter Ten

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Brendon paced back and forth in front of the chair Tony was strapped to, humming to himself and searching for some kind of answer. He clicked his tongue and shook his head, "Kyle, you jerk. This wasn't the plan!"

Trembling, Gabby was eager to get things obesity so they her son would be back to normal. "Can we start please?"

Brendon turned a sassy expression in her direction. "I'm gonna have to ask you to step out if you can't be patient. Damn."

Jack placed his hand over Gabby's mouth.  "He's communicating with Kyle. Leave him alone!"

"So you tipped off the demon in hopes that he would leave Tony alone? It was a set gesture, but that's not how this works." Brendon murmured.

"Tipped him off about what?" Gabby asked.

Brendon guided Gabby into a room on the left. "So remember way back in the good old days of the Safe Haven when I told you I thought you were the reincarnation of Franz’s long lost love? "


"Well turns out I was dead wrong. See, when I was all possessed and stuff myself, the demon worked his way through my brain and saw this assumption, let the big Kahuna know, and then naturally he became obsessed with trying to get you. Surprise! You're not who he's looking for. You're far from what he's looking for. But now he's going to try and take his Youngbloods with him when he goes. There's a way to keep it from happening, but you have to let me carve Tony up a bit."

"Fuck you! Don't touch him!" Gabby growled.

"Hey! I'm not taking a limb!" Brendon shouted back. "I need to break that bind on his shoulder and dump a whole bunch of salt in it."

Without waiting for her consent, Brendon snapped his fingers like he'd had a brilliant idea. Gabby followed him back into the hall and watched as Tony's evil eyes followed Brendon's every move. She watched Brendon casually pull a small knife from his pocket and examine it.

"Hey, no, wait," Kendall called from the book room when he saw what Brendon was up to. "The second you put that blade on Tony's skin, he's going to disappear and let Tony feel the pain."

"That's a risk we're going to have to take." Brendon shrugged.

"No it isn't!" Logan added like everyone around him was stupid. "Demonology 101--the human soul will react to anesthetic. If we put Tony under, we'll be dealing with no one but our demon."

Everyone looked to Caleb for anesthesia. He glanced around the room and sighed sarcastically. "Yeah, because I carry anesthesia around in my back pocket."

"But you have the numbing injections for when you give me the epidural I'm going to need, right?" Cosmo asked as if to double check anyway.

"Wait, you're going into labor?" James and Gabby both spat.

Cosmo nodded. "Kyle pushed things back a day when he decided to interfere with Alex's duties."

There was another confirmation knock right behind Gabby.

"Cool, so I'm witnessing an exorcism and childbirth all in the same time frame. If this doesn't fuck me up for life, I'd say I'm pretty solid." Gabby shrugged.

Caleb handed over an injection and returned to monitoring Cosmo. At this point, Gabby was feeling weak enough to need to lean on Jack. He stood her upright and led her to the hallway where Brendon was injecting the screeching and writhing child in the chair. When all was done, he slid the needle as far away from the group as he possibly could.

"Folks, here begins the end of the demonic reign of Chanson Hypnose. I break his binds to the look, the sound, the love, the money, and the fame." Brendon brought a scalpel to the air and drew a star with it. "Will all join hands and think of Tony?"

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