C: Not Boring, Simple

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Not Boring, Simple.

Hearing Asha cry, and cry, and cry all night made me want to get up and go hug her. Ralph, however, stopped me from doing so. "You'll only make her feel bad." He whispered to me from his sleeping position on the bed. I sighed because he was right. "Okay," I said laying back down, being wrapped into his arms. He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my back. "She's going to be okay, Dawn." He told me and I nodded. I knew it, but it felt nice to hear out loud from someone else. Ice, heat, ice, heat, ice, heat, ice, heat.... Asha said silently while picking the petals off of a flower. Eventually she got down to ice and traveled out of the bathroom to the kitchen. The lights were off so she stumbled somewhat, which only caused more aches to start up on her knees and back. Those were the only two places she really had pain, and occasionally her hips and shoulders would become sore, or her wrists, ankles and elbows would stiffen. Asha sighed a heavy groan flickering on the light in the kitchen. She winced at the sudden brightness, and stood blinking for a moment before going over to the freezer.

    The ice packs she used for small bags that fit perfectly into the pockets of her body brace. The body brace wrapped over her shoulders, all the way down her back and around her torso and stomach. She used it to apply heat packs and ice packs. Asha removed the ice packs from the freezer and retrieved her body brace. Her hands trembled under the touch of the cold ice, and she hated applying ice to her body but it had to be done. She placed the ice packs in the open slots, and then put the brace over her thin shirt. Then she went into the living and Minky crawled onto the couch with her, resting his head in her lap. With the ice on her body, she knew there was no way for her to lay down and get comfortable enough to sleep. That meant, she'd go into the living room and read or watch tv until the pain subsided. Nights like that were very long for her. But the next morning was always even longer for me, because there was nothing I could do about it.

The following day when I got up, I wasn't surprised to see that my sister was sound asleep on the couch. Her brace had been taken off, the ice packs were placed back in the freezer, along with her having a blanket cast over her and the tv shut off. I had a feeling that late in the night when I was asleep and Ralph had gotten up to go to the bathroom, he did those tasks for Asha without waking her. That was normally something he took care of so that she wouldn't wake up with frostbite. I ignored her, and decided against waking her up because I knew that she'd had a rough night. I simply called into her job and informed them that she would be late to work, or she would call them and let them know if plans changed. Her boss, Muse, never had an issue with her working from home because she was very aware of Asha's condition and probably the most considerate person I'd ever met.

Although I was very salty about the fact that I wouldn't get to hear about how she and Manuel got along, I left her alone. Ralph made the three of us breakfast, and left a note on the microwave to let Asha know that her breakfast was in there. Knowing that Asha's phone would most certainly be the first thing she looked at when she woke up, I texted her letting her know not to worry about work. Ralph also told me that he would like for me to stay at his house for the rest of the week, and so I let Asha know that that's where I would be in the text.

Asha woke up about an hour after I left, and so it was around eleven o'clock. She read my text before doing anything else, and sighed in relief to know that I was staying at Ralph's. To her, she felt that she was messing over my life because she needed someone to be there with her to help her handle horrible migraines and tasks she couldn't do with the pain. That meant that I had to be there when she needed me. I honestly felt that it wasn't a big deal because myself and Ralph got our time together and it was just enough, however, Asha urged me to spend more of my free time with him rather than helping her. I know that she felt bad that I was holding off on getting much more serious with Ralph, but part of me also knew that she felt pity for herself. It was true. She could not go out all of the time alone, because she would need assistance and Minky could not give her all of the assistance she needed. It made me feel bad and not know what to do to make her feel independent, yet have everything she needed.

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