Ch. 11 - Hope

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Danielle was leaning on Harry's shoulder, with her eyes closed. She kept complaining about the rock hard floor, so Harry made her lean on his shoulder. His mind wandered to Eleanor, and the boys. He wandered what were they doing right now? He missed the boys terribly. He missed Eleanor so much too. The basement door unlocked, Jason walking down the stairs seconds later. Danielle heard the door open, and her eyes opened. Both harry's and Danielle's eyes widened at the sight of Jason with the whip. Danielle backed away, scared. Jason hit Harry first, making Harry yell out in pain. Danielle cringed at the loud noise coming from Harry and cowered back from Jason.

"Your little friend didn't give me the money yet." Growled Jason, Jason had become more aggressive lately, hurting them at-least once a day. Danielle started crying out, telling Jason to stop.

"Stop! your hurting him!" She screamed, but stopped when Jason's eyes landed on her. His eyes cold and dark, he dragged her away and out of the room, leaving the broken Harry alone. Harry sighed, lifting his head to see Danielle nowhere to be found. Harry wanted so desperately to rip Jason's balls off for thinking of raping Danielle but he couldn't when he was tied up and weak from the daily beatings. He wanted to prevent Danielle from the beatings and raping's but he couldn't.. and it hurt him to know that he couldn't help Danielle. He sighed, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He re-opened his eyes. Bad timing. He thought. He saw Jason throw Danielle down the stairs, coming downstairs minutes later. He chained her up before leaving again.


After Louis' and Eleanor's big fight about 'Larry Stylinson', They talked to the cops. The cops said they'll keep an eye out on the kidnapper at Starbucks. The cops also told them that they'd call them if they have a lead. Now Louis and Eleanor sit in a awkward silence in Louis' living room. Eleanor got up quickly, putting a new movie in called 'love Actually' and pressing play. She sat down next to Louis quietly, fiddling with her fingers as Louis zoned out, thinking of the worst possibilities. What if Harry or Danielle's extremely hurt.. or worse... killed?

Louis shuddered at the thought, shaking his head. He cringed at the thought of Harry or Danielle hurt. He didn't know Danielle well, but he still missed her a lot. He missed Harry like hell though. He hasn't seen anyone much after Danielle went missing. Only Eleanor. They may be broken up but they're still great friends. Eleanor knew about his Love for Harry practically the whole time. She doesn't know why she dated him again. But she knew about his love for Harry even if Louis didn't know himself.

He wondered how Harry was.. He was probably still terrified. Danielle was probably purely terrified. Louis hoped she was okay. they were probably hurt so much, but Louis could do nothing about it.. He missed Harry so much. He couldn't live without Harry much longer... He loved Harry.. and Harry loved him. You could see it in his gestures.. You could see it in his eyes. Even a blind person could see they loved each other. They might not know it yet but they do. He wondered what the boys were up too. He hasn't seen them in like a week. He missed them. He hoped the cops called soon, He was going crazy. He needed to know if this was just false hope or not. He looked at the TV so see Love actually was over.. He looked over at Eleanor to see her looking intently back at the TV. Eleanor sighed, and looked over at Louis. She smiled at him, grabbing the remote. She turned towards the TV, changing the channel.

"Harry Edward Styles-" Click.

"Harry Edward Styles-" Click.

"Harry Edward Styles-" Click.

"Harry Edward Styles miss-" Click.

There was nothing good on TV. Only old news on Harry. Louis didn't want to hear anything about his best-friend when Louis could do nothing about it. He wants to search for Harry himself so bad, but he didn't eve know where to start! He didn't know where to start at all, He could be anywhere's. He could be in this town, He could be out of town, He could be out of state, He could be out of the country. He could be anywhere's.

The house phone rang, startling both Eleanor and Louis. Louis sighed, getting up and grabbing the house phone off the counter.

"Hello?" He answered the phone.

"Hello, is Mr. Louis Tomlinson available?" The other line asked.

"Yes, this is he." He replied to the other line, The unknown person chuckled.

"Well, This is the police station. We think we have a lead.. We think we've found Harry Styles and Danielle Walker." The police man said. Louis dropped the house phone on the carpet. Earning a quiet bang from the phone. He sighed, picking up the phone and checking the damage. It's not that bad. Louis thought, as he put the phone next to his ear, making sure it worked.

"Are you serious? That's great!" Louis grinned widely earning a glance of curiosity from Eleanor. Eleanor got up, walking towards Louis. She stood next to him with a questioning glance. Louis grinned, giving Eleanor a thumbs up, making Eleanor grin back.

"Yes, I will keep in contact with you. Have a nice day Mr. Tomlinson." The police man added before the line went dead.


Eleanor looked over at Louis as he held the phone tightly in his hand, She had curiosity written in her eyes as she stood up and went to Louis' side. He grinned at her, giving her a thumbs up, making her grin widely herself. He hung up minutes later, turning to Eleanor with a wide grin.

"They think they found them!" He exclaimed earning a huge and tight hug from Eleanor.

"Oh my god.. Finally." She muttered before pulling away.

"What if it's false hope again?" Eleanor asked quietly, He shook his head and kissed her forehead.

"Let's hope it's not.. Let's hope they find him.."

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