Drama In The BAU

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I get off the elevator and I'm not even in the glass doors yet when I hear the continuing of the arguing from the BAU room.

"Are you kidding me? You shot Candi's brother, her stepfather is trying to kill her and probably everyone else she loves, and Candi has a twisted ankle and you're talking about going on a case?", Morgan said, pretty loudly but not fully yelling.

"Look, Morgan, I understand what you're saying but we still have to do our jobs. I didn't mean to shoot her brother and you know that but Candi will be fine," Hotch said just as loud as Morgan.

Then that's when they started yelling.

"Candi will be fine? Someone is out to kill her and her family and she'll be fine?", Reid then yelled.

JJ and Prentiss tried to calm everyone down but I could tell that it wasn't working.

"Reid calm down," JJ pleaded, but everyone kept yelling.

"Look, we'll send Anderson to look after her," Rossi suggested, far calmer than the others.

"Yeah and let's send her with an agent who got another agent shot. Remember that, Hotch? When Agent Greenaway got shot because you sent her home with Anderson!", Morgan yelled.

"Morgan!", Prentiss shouted.

"You know what? Listen, it wasn't his nor my fault! We never knew that would happen and what's done is done. At least she's okay," Hotch yelled.

I remember the story of Agent Greenaway.

Hotch told Greenaway to go home and get rest because she spent a long time trying to figure out who framed her for a murder. He sent her with Anderson and he left. Not too long later, Greenaway got shot. When they got to her house, Greenaway was unconcious and she almost died but she made it. Then she shot a man in self-defense.

"Yeah but she's not here with us now, now is she?", Morgan yelled.

After that, I've had enough. I don't feel like dealing with this chaos.

I breathed in deeply and screamed, "HEY!" as loud as I can over the arguing.

Everyone was startled and turned around and stared at me. "Green!", Hotch said forcefully, as if he was mad at me.

"Don't 'Green!' me! You're the ones shouting and yelling at each other. What are you arguing about anyways?", I shouted, "And don't yell at me"

"Hotch wanna go on a case while you and your brother is hurt and your mom's psycho ex is trying to kill you," Morgan explained.

I nodded and shrugged, "Okay, why are you arguing about that?"

"What do you mean? You're in trouble and you want us to leave while some pedofile is after you?", Reid asked.

"Look, if I get hurt, it's my own fault. Not yours, not Morgan's, not Anderson or even Hotch," I explained, "We have a job to do and I don't wanna let my personal problems get in the way of us saving lives."

"But Candi-," Morgan started.

"Morgan, listen to me. I have two cousins, a usable brother, and a friend on the way. I think that's enough muscle. You need to go because I know how much you love your job and I also know that you don't wanna lose it"

He sighed and Reid looked angry. I tried to talk to him but he took off.

We all watched as Reid walked into the conference room and basically slammed the door.

I sighed and Rossi stepped to me.

"Are you sure you wanna be here?", he asked.

"Whatever, I just wanna get this day over with as fast as possible," I said hopping toward the conference room.

I didn't know what to do at this point. I was confused and angry.

I just wish my life was normal.

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