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1: Life's not Fair!!!!


Okay, so my name is Percy Jackson and I'm Poseidon's son. Yep, Poseidon. The god of the sea and amazing as that may sound, trust me it's not.

Let's start at the beginning before the world nearly ended... for the third time...

*Flashback* *7000 chaos years ago* *7 earth years*

"Hey wise girl!" I shouted round the corner where I knew she would be, But I never expected to see what I did.

"Oh... Percy... you're back soon! Um... this is Finley another son of Poseidon!" When I heard that I flipped. I don't know what it was but I really didn't like Finley from the moment I met him.

" You must be Percy, my not so amazing big brother." he snarled. Ugh... really??? all the people that could have been my brother it's him!

Things really started to go down hill from there. Annabeth started spending less time with me and more time with the 'amazing' Finley.

Then things kept going missing. Somehow, all the missing objects happened to end up in my cabin. I tried to tell Chiron that it wasn't me... That it was that good for nothing brother of mine Finley, but he didn't believe me. The man/horse (Centaur) that had practically raised me since I was 12, who I came to think of as a third father after Poseidon and my step-dad Paul, didn't believe me!

To make things worse a two weeks before my 18th birthday I found out that my mum and Paul and been in a car crash and had died!

They were meant to be coming. To pick me up from camp. They died because of me. When I was told this had happened I was over run by guilt. It was eating me inside out. I still feel guilty now but I've learnt to hide it.

Just to top it off Annabeth dumped me. Yep. Apparently Finley was more of a hero than I would ever be and she never wanted to see me again. Every single one of my friends had left me... so I ran.

Two weeks after I left on my 18th birthday, I was delivering another half-blood to camp. I got to camp with the new camper and then left again before the camper could ask me too many questions.

On my way back to my shelter a swirling vortex of black and navy blue intertwining like the darkness of the night sight appeared before me.

Out step a man, face covered by a cloak. After the two weeks I had spent running, I couldn't run anymore so I simply just said

"If you're going to kill me can you do it quickly please?" the mystery man just chuckled and said

"Dear Perseus, I do not wish to harm you. I am Chaos, creator everything ect. - please don't bow it makes me feel too important" he said after I bowed, yes because after being creator of all you wouldn't want to feel to important now, would you? I thought

"Dear boy I can read minds" Chaos said with a chuckle "Anyway as to why I'm here as you're father has disowned you as a son-"

"-My f...fathers disowned me?" I felt 5 years old again. Alone. Abandoned. I was shocked, cause it's not like I've stopped wars from starting, fought in end of the world wars and aways been loyal or anything.

"Unfortunately yes, however I have a proposition for you," he paused "How would you like to become my son, and leader of my Army?" He asked. It took me a while to process what he just said

"Me?" I replied confused

"Yes, you could change your name if you want so that you can leave your life as Percy Jackson behind you... how about Omega?"

"You really want me?" I still wasn't following

"Yep you will forever be immortal and you, as my son, will gain immense powers becoming the second most powerful creature ever. Second to me of course." I couldn't see anything bad with the offer. I had no life anymore so all I could think of was ... YOLO!!!!

"I would be honoured lord Chaos" I finally decided

"Please Omega, either call me Chaos

or father but not lord." he smiled

"Okay... father" and with that we stepped through the portal.

*Flashback ends*

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