Rivalry//Taylor Caniff

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Lyndsays P.O.V

"Lyndsay, come down I need to tell you something!"

I groaned and left the warmth of my comfy bed, heading downstairs.

"Yeah mom?" I walked into the kitchen where she was cutting up some fruit.

"So the Caniffs invited us over for dinner tonight."

"That's great, you and dad have fun." I said smiling.

"Lynds. I said us. As in, all of us."

"I'm not going mom, you know how I feel about Taylor."

"Push your differences aside for one night, c'mon."

"Fine, for you."

"Thank you baby." She said pinching my cheek. I rolled my eyes and trudged back up the stairs.

"Lynds, we're supposed to bring some potato and macaroni salad! Could you head to the store to get some?"

I groaned loudly.

"I take that as a yes!" She called back.

I quickly got dressed in a pair of ripped skinny jeans, my favorite combat boots, and a light blue muscle tee that had the band "Kiss"'s logo on it. I left my hair down natural so it was curly and just applied my usual makeup. I smiled and headed downstairs again. My fingers looped around the silver key ring attached to my moms car keys. My mom gave me a $20 bill and I walked out to the garage.

I hit the opener and stepped out too hear water going off. Causing me to turn my head in every direction possible until my eyes met with a certain shirtless Caniff boy washing his stupid range rover. He was hosing it down and of course he had to be shirtless and flexing. Our eyes met, it was a weird moment but thank god he lost control of the hose and it ended up soaking him. I laughed quite loudly as his head shot back towards me. He just rolled his eyes and flipped me off as I stepped into my moms little car speeding off to the store.


I pulled back into the driveway off my house and stepped out with the bag of groceries slung over my arm. Before I could unlock the front door I heard a familiar "vroom' sound. The same sound that goes around our damn street at 2 AM.

"Lyndsay come here!"




"What do you want?" I yelled over the sound of his car.

"Come here!" He shut his car off.

I reluctantly walked over towards him,regretting every step I took.

"What do you want?" I said coldly.

"You wanna come ride around with me for a bit?" He asked hopefully.

"Me, and you, in a death trap car that you drive around like fricking NASCAR? Yeah no, I'd rather die not next to an idiot."

"Please? I'll even let you drive."

"Why would you let me drive your car? Aren't you afraid I'll crash it or something?" I laughed

"Well yes, but I just wanted to talk to you before tonight."

I let out a huff of breath as I nodded my head. Taylor scooted to the passengers side as I hopped in the drivers side. I carefully put the car in drive and drove as slow as possible.

"Lynds, I just saw a fucking rock move faster than we did. Drive." I groaned and drove a little faster as we made small talk.

"Remember when you gave me your number?" I asked.

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