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Justin was rubbing my back and I loved it but he rubbed a certain spot that I was crying

"Baby girl are you crying ?"

"Yes babyyyy it hurts so much I can't take this pain"

"Come on let's get out the shower so I can give you a right massage"

"Carry me please"

"Anything baby"

He turned the water off and picked you put and dried you body then put you on the bed and laid you down on you belly he put lotion and your back and rubbed you felt so good you moaned

"Baby like that it feels good"

"I love you princess"

He kissed your lower back

"I love you too and I owe you big time"

"No princess you don't owe me anything it's fine baby girl"

You smiled you knew you owed him your going to do it anyway you wrapped the blanket around your body and you were sitting on your bum and you grabbed justin by his neck and pulled him in for a kiss

"Lay here baby I'm going to make breakfast for us okay" you smiled while kissing justin

"no baby it's fine I got it"

"No mr. I'm doing it relax yourself"

"Okay baby"

You went down stairs and made his favorite BlueBerry pancakes with scrambled eggs with bacon and hash brown with juice you put it on the little bed table and carried it upstairs and you opened the door Justin was asleep you put the table on the nightstand and you walked to Justin you sat next to his tired body he was laying in the same position you was on your stomach you put your Hands on his back and you rubbed his back while calling his name

"Baby wake up your food is ready"


He kept moving around

"Baby wake up please"

He turned around with his eyes still closed you climb on top of him so your sitting on him and you kissed his jawline and his neck then his lips



"Want me to feed you baby?"


" I love you"

"I love you too princess"

You feed justin his food

"That's was amazing food thank you baby"

"You welcome" you kissed him and laid next to his fat ass 😂

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