Chapter 7.

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Luke's p.o.v

I stomped up the steps of my now EX best friend. I banged on his door knowing his mom wasn't home . Suddenly I see the fuck nugget walk to the door and open it . As soon as he did my left and right hands went to fucking work. I kept punching him until he fell down but I still wasn't done . After a few more punches I felt liquid on my hands and I realized it was his blood that's when I stopped I looked at him and his face was unrecognizable. Damn I fucked him up , I checked his pulse and I-it wasn't there . I slapped him a few times but to no avail oh shit ...... I just killed someone . I quickly picked up his limp body and went through the back door . I placed him down by his back gate ran back inside got in my car drove around to the back and I put him in a big garbage bag that I had . I then put him in the trunk and started my journey out the city to dumb his body .

Jazzil's p.o.v

I looked between Andriana and her friend Samaria .

" s-Sammy a-are you d-dead" Andriana chocked out trying to control her sobs . Samaria gave a small smile and nodded .

" w-why what h-happened ?"

" I died while getting an abortion Andriana but it's okay because now I can actually be happy " Samaria replied giggling . That caused a smile to creep up both me and Adriana's faces .

" wait why are you here ?" Both of us said at the same time .

" well ummmm I'm here because I was raped by Sean's best friend Jared .... Why are you hear?" Andriana asked while tearing up at the horrible thought I guess .

" m-my fake mom shot me and then I went into a panic attack after I saw my real mother " I replied looking down .

" two girls with different problems but can help each other " a loud voice rang through the room .

" God?" We both said in harmony .

" yes it's me your father in heaven " he replied ..... Oh boy this just got harder .

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