Chapter 3

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Chapter three~ Ella's POV.

~1 year ago~

"I've got a plan for you." He said.

Oh you don't say, this stupid plan is going to ruin mine and Bailey's friendship, awww it's nothing to you though isn't it Robert? I didn't think so.

"Are you listening to me?" Robert gritted, I snapped back out of my day dream. I nodded my head in worry, hoping he wouldn't hit me or anything. And it wouldn't be the first either, it wouldn't be the first time hitting me.

"I'll send you this through text and you'll need to do this each day for the next 14 days. You'll do it wether you like it or not, got it?" He explained.

"Yeah." I said softly trying not to get angry. He is just so frustrating, cocky, disrespectful and heartless. Whereas Bailey is the opposite from him.

"Good, go run back. You need to lose some weight." Robert said looking me up and down laughing. I got my water and poured it all down him, his smirk soon disappeared and turned angry.

"What? Like your mum Robert?" I whispered devilish at him and started to run away, fast. He soon followed behind me and tried to get me, but because I'm too fast he couldn't catch up. Don't think it's me who needs to lose weight.

"You bitch! I'll be seeing you later!" He called and I just ran laughing. I looked over my shoulder and saw he wasn't there, he was gone. He must of took the other turning, oh well.

As I was running, I still looked over my shoulder to double check if he was there but he wasn't. As soon as I looked forwards again, I bumped into someone.

That 'someone' was in fact, Bailey. He lay on the ground as I did too, he looked at me and rubbed his head. My leg was sore, and so was my arm as I landed on it.

"Ella?" He asked. I didn't say anything, I just got up and started to walk away trying to forget what had happened. Obviously he didn't want to do that.

Bailey ran up behind me and grabbed my arm lightly and I spun around. I started to panic because I didn't know what to say to him or what excuse to make up.

"Why have you been ignoring me lately?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders and stayed quiet.

"There has to be a reason why, one minute your my best friend and then the the next minute your ignoring me." He explained.

"I just need space Bailey." I spoke rather annoyed now. He raised his eyebrow at me and knew straight away that I was lying. I tried not to make it obvious though.

"And why do I know that's a lie?" Bailey asked letting go of my arm. I put my head down to the ground and stayed quiet.

"Well?" He asked again. I looked at him and he looked liked he had missed me. And surely I did too.

"I can't be friends with you anymore." I blurted out. He looked utter shocked and upset.

"Why?" He asked trying to be fine. But I knew he wasn't fine, he looked like I had just smashed his heart into a million pieces.

"I- i- I just can't, okay?" I said and then ran off. I didn't even look back, I just ran faster and felt like I wanted to cry. He must be upset now, oh no. What have I done?

~Baileys POV~

After dinner, I decided what I was going to do about Ella. I know that her mum was lying about her not being unwell, or was Ella saying that to her mum so I couldn't see her? Hmmm.

I thought of what she would be doing right now if she wasn't 'unwell'. She's very sporty and...

"Out for a run." I spoke to myself.

Yes! That's it. She's out for a run. I used to go out for a run with her but that soon changed.

I decided I would get changed into 3 quarter shorts, and a kings of Leon shirt, with my airmax shoes. After that, I said to mum I would be out for a while.

I went to the lakeside track and begun to walk, I took a few photos of my view and posted them on Instagram, my phone froze as I got loads of notifications from twitter and instagram.

As I put my phone away, I could see a person running towards me, before I could even move out the way I had already been knocked down. And when I saw who it was, she didn't look too happy.

I did hurt my head and I did rub it a bit, but I'm fine. I got up and so did Ella. She stared at me and I didn't know what to do next. I started to get nervous.

"Ella?" I had asked, still being nervous. But I didn't get a reply, instead Ella just started to walk away from me. I just want to know why she's been ignoring me all the time now.

So me being me, I ran up behind Ella and grabbed her arm and spun her around.

Why have you been ignoring me lately?" I asked hoping I would get a response. Ella had just shrugged her shoulders and stayed quiet.

"There has to be a reason why, one minute your my best friend and then the the next minute your ignoring me." I spoke hanging in there.

"I just need space Bailey." She spoke. I raised his eyebrow at her and I knew straight away that wasn't right, it wasn't good enough excuse.

"And why do I know that's a lie?" I asked letting go of her arm. She put her head down to the ground and stayed quiet again.

"Well?" I asked pleading. She looked at me and stood there. I just want us to talk again and be best friends.

"I can't be friends with you anymore." She blurted. I instantly felt upset and broken.

"Why?" I asked trying to be okay. But I knew I wasn't doing a good job of that,

"I- i- I just can't, okay?" She said stuttering and then ran off.

I've never felt so hurt in my life before. She can't be friends with me? Then what are we then?

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