A night to remember

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(Normal pov)

Rouge was sitting down in her living room, she was sitting on her black sofa. In front of her was a coffee table, and pieces of paper all over on it.

She was planning a setup date for our ShadAmy couple, which was set in a park. She was thinking of what they can do there. She sat there for a moment.

*Ding-Dong* Rouge got up and headed for the door, as she opened it. There stood Amy, with a picnic basket.

"Hey Rouge, I was wondering. Do you wanna go have a picnic with me?" the Sakura hedgehog asked.

Rouge thought for a second, then it hit her. Amy can have a picnic with Shadow at the park, on a cliff. When there is gonna be sunset!

"I am hell of a genius!" She thought, as she looked at Amy and shook her head no.

Amy's smile quickly faded, but Rouge only smiled and giggled. " YOU will go with Shadow!" the bat said, over exited.

Amy nodded her head, Rouge told her the perfect spot. After a while she saw Shadow and Amy heading there, and setting up their picnic.

Rouge gathered the rest of her friends, they were in bushes not far away. They wanted to help their romance out. As they were, about 20 meters or further away.

Knuckles was about to let out fireflies, but Silver gives him the wrong jar. He let out tons of bees, all of them screamed and ran away.

Then Cream quickly grabbed the correct jar, and let out the fireflies near Shadow and Amy.

(Amy's pov)

As we we're enjoying the sunset and our picnic. Tons of beautiful fireflies came to view, they were amazing. They seemed to dance around me and Shadow.

I hugged into Shadow, watching them with him. He didn't seem bothered with me hugging him, which was just great!

(Shadows pov)

As the fireflies came to view, they circled beautifully around Amy. They made her beauty stand out even more, I wanted to kiss her right now. But she would be more likely mad if I did that, she might not like me after all.

She then hugged into me, I was more than happy when she did. We were watching the fireflies just dance around us. When I took my phone out, and played some slow love song I found.

I stood up surprising Amy, I took my hand out and asked her for a dance. She giggled and took my hand, we were dancing along wither the fireflies for hours. I will never forget this day!

(Amy's pov)

As Shadow stood up and played a slow song, he took out his hand and offered me a dance. I giggled and took his hand, we spent the night dancing around with fireflies around us. Shadow was so handsome while dancing, my heart was melting.

This was one of the best nights, I have ever had. And it is all thanks to Shadow.

(Normal pov-with Rouge and the others)

As Cream approached her friends to tell them, that she set the fireflies free. She found them with bee stings, she could help herself and burst out laughing.

Everyone looked at Cream, they all send her a death glare. To which she just zipped her mouth. Still laughing inside her head.

-With ShadAmy-

Shadow and Amy were dancing and fooling around until it was 2am. Amy was getting sleepy and asked Shadow to take her home, he agreed.

"Thank you Shadow, for the amazing night" she said, hugging him at the end.

"No problem Rose" he said with a smile, that made Amy melt inside.

She let him come in, and she allowed him to stay in the guest room. Or more likely begged and convinced Shadow to stay for the night.

Since she thought it was too let for him to head home, when they went to sleep it was 3am. They both dreamed about each other.

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