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Brad's Pov

THe next few minutes were a blur

Cass was unconscious



The creepy guy locked up

The hospital

Con was silenced all the way there following the ambulance

I just didn't know what to say

I knew and I don't know why but she was not going to survive

Cass' Pov

My world was black

Suddenly random images flowed through my mind taking me back to the horrors of my past

To meeting JP

To school

To meeting the boys

To the accident

I realised it was will who kicked my skateboard the bastard

Then somehow my mind went to the future

There were images of me in a hospital be talking to brad and con

Then a tombstone with my name on.

The boys visited it

More images flashed and came of the people at school, jp and others

They were all affected by my death.

Then the images of the vamps appeared. They were performing at Wembley, touring uk, touring the world, albums so many fans.

And girlfriends children wives.

The last image two images i saw was one of brad

By my gravestone with his wife and children behind him.

"Thank you Cass, you fixed my broken heart, I can love again thanks to you. I will be forever grateful for that."

The other was of Con sitting by my bed in hospital.

He was crying

"Babe I know today I will lose you but you made me realise that I should never break the bro code it just complicates things and I'm sorry it's ending this way. I'm just glad that you had some fun with us and that maybe we healed your broken heart a tad.

I love you Cass

You will be forever in my heart"

My heart was burning with emotion

For once I finally felt whole

I had helped mend a broken heart

And I think mine had been fixed too.


I just felt it was not going anywhere but I have slowly started writing a trips one which should be WAYYYYYY BETTER THAN THIS

Thank you for 3.1k reads and all the support


So proud of these boys <3

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