Ch. 10 - Unknown Feelings

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Louis was beginning to lose hope of finding Harry. It had been over a month now, and the police have shown no sign of finding him or Dani.

Louis felt tears at the back of his throat, but he swallowed them down. He stared at the ground, hard, and tried desperately to keep his tears back. He was done crying - he had been sobbing into his pillow or an unfortunate friend's shoulder far too often. Yes, he was sad, but crying about it was going to do nothing for Harry.

Louis was curled up on his couch, wrapped in a blanket, with 'Mean Girls' playing on the telly. It was always his go-to movie whenever he was upset; it was just the type of film that was light-hearted and perfectly ridiculous. He wasn't paying much attention to it, of course, but it was a comforting background noise to his rather dark thoughts.

Suddenly, the house phone rang, startling him. Pressing a hand to his chest to feel his heart beating rapidly from the scare, he let out a sigh before leaning over to unhook the phone.

He glanced at the number, only to see that it was blocked. A strange sense of foreboding came over him as he answered. "Hello?" he said uncertainly.

All that could be heard was heavy breathing on the other end of the line. Louis shivered, now thoroughly frightened, and asked again, "Hello?"

A deep, gruff voice responded to him this time. "Is this Louis Tomlinson of One Direction?"

'Maybe it's a fan,' Louis thought hopefully, although it was highly unlikely that the man was a Directioner. "Yes, it is," he answered.

"I have Harry Styles here with me right now."

Louis' blood ran cold. "What?" he half-screamed, his voice raising a couple of octaves.

"I have Harry Styles, and to get him back, you need to pay me one million dollars."

Louis didn't say anything, his heart beating wildly. The man spoke again, slightly louder. "C'mon, I know you have the money. Pay me one million to get him back, and with every day that passes without me getting paid - Mr. Styles here gets a little more beat-up. I have the girl, also - you get her for free if you pay within this next week."

"Tell me where you are, right now!" Louis shouted into the phone, fear and anger coloring his voice.

He heard the man laugh on the other end. "Goodbye, Mr. Tomlinson. I will be waiting, by the Starbucks, every day from three to four P.M. until next Sunday. Bring me the money sometime soon." And with that said, the kidnapper hung up.

Louis sat there, tears gathered at his eyes, listening to the dull drone of the phone in his ear.


Harry was used to sitting in the darkness by now, but at least he had company. Dani was pressed against him for warmth, shivering. Harry looked down at her. "It's not that bad, you know. You get used to the cold eventually."

Dani suddenly straightened up, pushing herself away from Harry. Harry frowned at her, peering at her silhouette through the darkness. Their only source of light was from the Moon shining through the small window near the ceiling.

"What's the matter?" he asked her softly.

"You keep saying that it's 'not that bad', but it is! Harry, we've been kidnapped! You've been hurt, cut, bruised and who knows what else!"

Harry winced when he thought of the rape he had gone through. "Dani, I didn't mean-"

"You didn't mean it that way? Is that it?" Dani's tone indicated that she was bordering on hysteria. "You might be able to say that, you might be fine with all of this, but - but I'm not, and I don't ever plan to be! This is not okay!" Dani was sobbing now, and Harry pulled her close to him, guilt ripping at his heart.

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