Chapter 11

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Don't say you know everything

Because everything is more than you think

Chapter 11

New Ones


   As every normal days, i woke up with Momo in front of my face and of course Sorami, don't know what the deal is with them but they always tend to fight every morning. "SHUT UP ALREADY!" - i screamed. "Well this is the only way we can get you up so..."- momo said, Sorami shrug then Yomi-nee told me to go down stair to have breakfast so that has become my annoying routine, well, what can i say? Though today was a bit different, as i grab my lunch after finishing breakfast, i saw a new girl with golden hair walked by, it's weird because i have never seen her around our neighborhood yet she is wearing my school's uniform, it's a bit different than the uniform i am wearing since mine doesn't have the red sleeves thing, i guess she is the new person that moved in. 

    As we got into our class, the teacher walked in. "Okay class, today we have a new student, please come in" -the teacher said before the door slowly opened, a blue haired boy with a red scarf walked in. It is weird how he also got some kinda of face tatoo that is similar to mine, his cold blue eyes and those spiky blue blue hair, he is my type.. Wait what? Um... *cough*. Anyway, as he walked in, everyone looked at him, it seems like the teacher has his eyes on him too. As everyone keep staring at him, even me, he has too give a big spam to the board and everyone awake from their day dream. The teacher coughed, fixed his glasses then introduce the boy: "Um... Anyway, this gentle men here is Sarun Doki-kun", i can hear some girl whisper to each other saying: "That Sarun Doki fox boy is giving my heart a doki doki~~", most of the time i would treat those girl's words as trash but this time, they are right. As the teacher told Sarun to take a sit that is behind me, i was kinda shock, as he walked by me, my heart is like skipped a beat, my face blushed a bit. As the lesson started, he tapped my back made me jolt a bit but i manage to act normally and turned at him, "You need anything?" - i asked, he look at me calmly with those cold eyes and asked: "Do you have any spare pens?", I nodded then turned up and find as fast as i can a pen to give him, as i found a purple pen, i give it him: "Here you go!", i accidentally cracked my voice so as i give him i turned back without saying anything else, he tapped my back again, this time i turned back sweating a bit with my face blushed a bit: "W..what now?" - i asked, he tilted his head and said calmly: "Thanks", i blushed bright red then turned back on after i said: "No problem" but i said it so small i am not sure if he heard it or not. Momo was looking at me in surprised, it make sense since this is the first time i blushed or at least the first she saw me blushed. First class ended, he get out of his sit and of course didn't forget to give me back my pen and somehow i blushed again, slightly. Momo looked at me with a weird look: "Ari? Are you blushing this whole time?". I turned at her with an angry face: "NO! Why would I?!", Sorami who is also next to me whispered into my ears: "Sarun Doki-kun gave Ari a doki doki~~", i hit Sorami in the face then turn to her: "SHUT UP! He did NOT and no one will!!!!!!" while blushing bright red, Sorami whipped her face and giggle with a kinda weird face: "ohohohohoho~~~ I think i can help you with him~", I slapped her: "Stop that, i do NOT like him!" -i shouted, suddenly some other female classmates appear out of the blue and said: "Even if you do he won't like you back anyway! You weirdo no parents loser rabbit", i slammed my table and stood up, looking straight into their eyes and say: "Oh yea? Ya wanna bet? Then let's make a contest to see who girl he likes most and after a week he will give his OWN opinion about it. Dare to go now?", "Yea! Game on!" - they said then walk away. I crossed my arm and slap myself: "WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS SH*T?!", Sorami giggled: "No worries~ I can help you~ I know just a person that can help us~~". Sorami leads us to the classes our senpais. "oi oi oi! You do know we shouldn't be here right?!" -i said, Sorami smiles innocently: "No worries! We are only here to call out out helper!", "what?"- i said. Suddenly, bunch of big males appear, "What are you little babies doing up here?", I stood in front of them: "We are just here to find someone!", "Oh, you seem tough, are you really that powerful?~", they seemed like wanting to get involve into a fight with me so i get into my ready mode then a pure, soft and cute high female voice appear: "What is with all the rackets?", the owner of that voice is the girl which i saw this morning. She is kinda weird how she doesn't open her eyes, she always seem to close them even the time i saw her this morning she also has the eyes closed, she um... 'look' at us then smiled: "Sorami-chan" -said with a soft voice and kinda small, it almost sound like a whisper but i guess that is how she is? Anyway, Sorami waved and smiled at her. We got into the school's yard to talk, it turned out that Sorami helped her find her way around the neighborhood so she know her, "So how is she able to help us?" -i asked, "Don't you know?! She is Sarun-kun's onei-chan!" - she replied, so that is the deal, Sorami looked at the senpai: "Senpai, can you tell us what Sarun-kun likes and dislikes?", the senpai nodded and started listing.

 1. He likes to keep things simple and don't like something complicated and cost lots of money even though he is in a rich family and he also like to keep things straight and obvious 

  On the first day of the challenge, the other girls which involve lots of girl in the school including the senpais give him gifts by putting bunch of love letters and gifts in his locker which got ignore by him completely since as his sister said he dislike people being like that and the present are stuff from a very expensive shops. As for myself, i come up to him and just give him the chocolate milk. "Hey" - i called, he turned back and i just give the milk to him, "I bought it for you, the store is there, it's kinda cheap so yea but it's good!", he drank the milk and nodded: "it is good, thanks". Passed! 

 2. He dislike it when people keep acting differently in front of him and he watch everyone so he knows what their normal act ways 

  When everyone saw him around in some store they would look at themselves in the mirror then just come at him like a puppy, looking all innocent and when he walked away, they threw stuff in the anger. For me, i just try my best to keep my sanity and talk to him normally. Passed!

 3. He hates it when people listing the things they got to impressed him

   With other girls, when they try to get boy's attention, they would tell them like they have stuff like money or their families is rich, and of course he walked away every time they just started the first thing. To be honest, i don't even like listing things and plush, i don't have anything to list so i just be normal. Passed! 

    One day, he came to me and said: "Ari, you are actually the only that has been acting normally to me, i appreciated it" - he said. I was so happy i would run and hop like an idiot but right after he left, the other girls in school come to me with angry faces: "YOU! You sit in front of him so you used your times didn't you?!". "Why would i? PFT, jsut because you guys are losers doesn't mean i am the cheater, duh!" - i said mockingly. They were so mad they tried to come at me to hit me, suddenly Sarun's sister came. "Sarun's nei-san" - i said. She 'looked' (?) at me saying: "I have a name, i'm Kaila Doki". Then some other whispers pops up: "She is Kaila Doki and she gives every boys in school a doki doki~~". Seriously, when will they stop with that joke? So anyway, she came and tried to calm the situation down the suddenly, we saw Sarun walking hand-in-hand with Momo. I, seriously have to say, was in a big shock, my twin sister would do that to me? That's... painful, no wonder she didn't speak anything ever since the start of this chapter... Sorry but... I will make you pay...

There are many things you don't know

But stay tuned and you will know

To Be Continue…

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