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Leah's p.o.v

7th of Febuary 2016

You're front row at the set of Morning America. It's just time for Amalia to come out. The hostesses are Sam and Liz who always host Morning America. You watch the show every weekend and you recognize them pretty well.

"Last Friday we tweeted about our next guest coming here and we gained 30.000 followers cuz of that!" Liz say and read slightly of her memory card.

"That's right! She is a true YouTube phenomenon and her fame has spread all around the world! Not is she only dating Niall Horan from One Direction but also is she having her own meet-up tour this summer! I'm sure she has a lot to say on her own so please welcome... Amalia Adams!"

Sam say and he and Liz stands up.

The crowd applause as Amalia makes her entrance. It's strange being around this crowd. There's no screaming or cheering. Just applauding.

Weird grown ups...

Amalia takes her seat and everyone sits down and the audience goes silent.

"Wow Amalia you're looking fantastic!"

Liz say and Amalia takes a sip of her water.

"Wow thanks! Yeah I tried a bit to look good since I'm on Morning America!"

She say and you could tell she is quite nervous but also happy and exited.

"That's what I like to here! So Amalia a lot has happened in your life recently haven't it? Why don't you give us a..."

Sam begins.

"Just summoning up this year and the past a bit!" Liz finishes his sentence.

"Okay so... I've been following Niall and the rest of one direction on tour.

I've been on Playlist Live, just a few weeks ago I reached 20 million subscribers on YouTube! I have my own merch you can buy, I have opened a charity foundation in Paraguay called Care For Love and we have gotten 6 million dollars in donations to family's in Paraguay that needs help..." Amalia begins but Sam stops her a bit.

"So I saw the commercial for Care For Love the other day in TV and it's amazing what you have done to help those families! Did you say you had raised 6 MILLION dollars in donations?"


"That's just amazing!" Sam say.

"I gotta ask Amalia... How is it dating Niall, and following him on the tour!"

Liz ask her. Amalia immediately smiles and so do you.

"Well if I could describe it in three words it would be... Eventful, hysterical and amazing!" She say and you couldn't agree more to her words.

"Why's that?"

"Well the fans are crazy! There can be times when we're just stuck in the car cuz there is hundreds of fans surrounding it! Sometimes we go on small adventures and just have fun..."

"Yeah I've seen on Instagram some things... I saw a pic of you and Leah Tomas at the Hollywood sign!"

Liz say and Amalia nods.

"Yeah she is right there... Most of the times we do our adventures together, she, me and the boys of 1D but sometimes it's just her and me..." Amalia points towards you for a second.

"I've also seen you and Harry Styles stealing a Segway and going back and forth behind a news reporter for FoxNews in Boston!" Liz say and the audience laughs. You remember that time. You, Paul and Alex was hunting them down with your car. Alex was boiling with anger and so was Paul.

"Yeah the fun thing is we wasn't actually allowed to do that! I mean to go out..."

"Why not?" Sam is quick to question Amalia. Amalia fixes her dress and continues talking.

"Cuz sometimes our bodyguards don't cuz there are too many fans so we could come in danger. And those Segway's belonged to the stadium 1D was playing at and wasn't allowed to leave there."

Amalia say and the audience laugh again.

"How is it between you an Niall? I heard rumors about... Engagement?"

Liz say and Amalia blushes.

"It's not true jet! But you know, me an Niall are extremely happy and one day we maybe will be getting married and all but no engagement!" She say and take her hands up and shake them, showing there's no ring.

"So you have a meet-up tour coming up! Tell us a bit what that is exactly..."

Sam say and Amalia change position in her armchair.

"Basically I'm having a tour where I get somewhere, probably a studio or a radio center. And I'll do a meet-up! Having a table and where I'll sign stuff and give them some of my merch!"

She say. She found out about this one week ago. You both screamed for ours in excitement. You're honestly so proud of her success.

"Where will this be?"

Liz asks.

"I there will be one in France, one in Spain, London, Dublin, LA, New York, Dallas, Boston, Huston, San Francisco, Melbourne and Sydney!"

"Wow that is a lot of traveling!"

Sam say and Amalia nods with a smile.

"Okay so last thing we wanna ask before we need to end the interview and this was actually sent in by a fan of yours... We understand you don't wanna tell exactly where you live but it's been quiet fuzzy in even what part of the world you're living in! Care to explain?" Sam say and Amalia laughs.

"So basically everyone in 1D and my best friend Leah has places all around the world. Niall has an apartment in LA and London, Liam has in New York and London, Harry has one in London, Louis one in France and London and Zayn has one is San Francisco and London..."

"So everyone has one in London right?"

"Yes including me. But I actually have been living in Sydney for quite the while since Leah has an apartment there!" You say and Liz nods and smile.

"All those apartments must have cost a lot! And I don't think you have the worst apartments either but I think they're quiet fancy aren't they?"

Liz say and wink at Amalia.

"Yeah they are! But I haven't been much in Australia and I really wanted to spend time with Leah so I've lived at her place for almost 3 months now, just when the boys are on tour, but I'm planning on moving back to maybe Niall's apartment in London when the boys tour is over!" She say and both Sam and Liz but their memory cars away.

"Thank you so, so much for being here Amalia! it's been a real pleasure!"

Sam say and shake Amalia's hand, so does Liz.

"Amalia Adams everyone!"

Sam yells and the whole audience stands up and applaud as Amalia now and then go off stage.

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