4• A Walk With Katherine

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The two brothers awkwardly hung back from the giggling girls. Sherlock caught snippets of their conversation. "Small one" "gorgeous" "cheekbones" "curly hair"
The four met the end of the path. It then went to the side, and following that, you ended up back at the house in about fifteen minuets. "As we agreed." Hissed Mycroft as Annabelle pulled him one way. Sherlock was left standing with Katherine. She took his hand with an unconfortable smile on her face and led him to the path opposite. Sherlock couldn't help but feel sorry for Katherine. She didn't want to marry him. He smiled at her.
"Neither of us want to be here." He stated. She breathed out in agreement. "So I apologise. You don't have to like... Love, or marry me."
"Good. You seem like an ignorant arse hole. And your brother seems like a selfish douchebag as well." Katherine smiled, sighing thankfully.
"And you seem as if you couldn't say boo to a goose, and all you sister wants is some freedom and lots of sex." Sherlock replied with a smirk.
"So we're even then?" Katherine asked, blushing. Her shyness was shining through again.
"Yes, of course." Sherlock said, dropping Katherines hand and walking towards the path. Katherine clumsily followed.
"Damn these heels!" She hissed to herself, taking them off. "Have you ever had to wear heels, Sherlock?" Katherine asked, her tone bitter.
"No." Sherlock answered swiftly, walking faster. He didnt care to talk to Katherine. He wanted to talk to John.
"Well its hell." Katherine said infuriatedly. "You're bloody parents made me. It's my first time with the bloody things. They wanted me to be taller." Sherlock swore loudly.
"Jesus, they have to edit everything don't they." He cursed. "No ones perfect to them. I've had enough of it." Sherlock suddenly remembered the deal he had made with his brother. "Oh, and by the way, me and my brother made a deal that we'd try and repulse you... so... So...kindly bugger off and go along with everything your sister says." Sherlock nodded his head at the astounded and shocked girl. He then ran off, as fast as he could. Leaving Katherine in the middle of the path.
And to make everything better for her, it started to rain.
Sherlock quietly ran up to his room, as to not attract any attention from any adults that were still eating. He locked his bedroom door and made his way to his computer. A small part of him felt bad for Katherine. Damn it. Being in love made Sherlock more open to emotions. This was not a good thing in Sherlocks eyes. Having a sense of empathy didn't help anyone. Sort of.
John had emailed back-

To: Sherlock Holmes
Subject: RE Wives

Dear Sherlock.
Good luck! I can't believe this, but I can't function without you. I'm serious Sherlock, I can't think straight! (Or even gay? Sherlock thought.) I know I've only been gone a matter of hours, but I miss you as though it has been an entire lifetime.
Good luck again,
Your John x

Sherlock smiled into his dark blue scarf he put on as he entered his room. It hid most of his face. He then realised John was online. He opened a chatbox and typed a simple 'Hello Watson"

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