Chapter two~

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I looked at rain "you know what if all the water pokemon are teasing you then why don't you just come and live with me? I don't like the idea of you being made fun of." Rain sighed and the nodes "alright I'll come and live with you." I smiled and started leading her to my cave.

We made it to my home and I showed her the pile of food and the the bed "I'll go get more moss so that you can have a bed." I walked outside and started digging up the moss when I herd a yelp. I looked around and ran after the yelp to find a leafeon being attacked by a bunch of bug pokemon. I ran at the bug pokemon using multiple shadow balls to hit them off of her. I then picked her up and ran to my home pulling her in I looked at rain "get me some oran berries." Rain nodded and ran out of the den as I settled the badly hurt leafeon in my bed. Rain ran back in giving me the berries. I smashed them up letting their affects help the wounds. I watched as the cuts started to heal and close up. "Rain you stay with her, I'm going to make a bed for you and me." I went over to the moss I hade been ripping up and brought it inside making a bed for rain. "Alright rain you get some sleep I will stay up and watch her." Rain nodded and curled up falling asleep as I settled down by the leafeon ready for a long night.

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