chappie 6

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i was seriously still in shock until Conner snapped his fingers in my face snapping me back to reality.

"what and who was that?"asked Conner really suspicious like he can read minds.

"no one, just....j-just a new friend, thats all." i said turning on my heels and now facing the school.

"Uh-huuu...."  he was winking. WHY WAS HE WINKING?!??!?!

"Watever. lets go before we're late to class." i mumbled.

fast walking. speed walking? i think thats what its called.

well speed walking into school i was greeted by many peiple. now dont get me wrong i dont think im the 'popular' type but many of students here are like ''gurl you have so many friends. how do you get popular?''

''ahhh damn it. i have math class with all the geeks''

''stop whining and man up'' Conner was acting all tough.

''yea, said the man who screamed when a ladybug was on your foot.'' i said smirking. ha he got nothing to say. how does that song go..... oh yea IM A BOSS ASS BITCH, BITCH, BITCH!!!


A/N.  supah sorry I didn't update sooner I just had a lot on my plate.

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