Chapter 6

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We sat on the front two steps of the stairs. Natalie leaned against my arm her black hair colliding with my own black hair.

The two men which I learned names were Nitus and Mike. Came through the door "were all set to go." We got up and got in to a family hug.

When we pulled away my mother cupped my face in her hands. My father put his hand on my shoulder.

" Take good care of Natalie for us Sarina I love you." My father nodded "make us proud."

I walked away and climbed into the SUV. We then drove off down the road.

I looked through my suitcase looking for my phone.

"Its not in there we still need to remove all your contacts with humans." Said mike he had golden brown hair.

I crossed my arms over my chest "aren't you guys humans?"

The men chuckled "of course not all werewolf stuff is very private." I threw hands up  "what about our parents?"

"Yes there humans that's why there going to be executed. Don't you already know that?" 

"WHAT?!!?!?!! EXECUTED?!?!?!! NOBODY TOLD US THIS!" I screamed my green eyes wide.

"Lupa gosh you can scream," Nitus said. "ITS SARINA!"

Tears streamed out of my eyes.

"Nobody told you this? Its the Werewolf  law all humans that know of Werewolf existence must die."

"Do my they know there fate?" Mike shook his head "no sadly one of our people sooner or later will poison them."

"Why does it have to be this way its not fair!" Natalie said looking out the window.

"OK change in subject why is your skin so light?"

Nitus asked Mile sighed.

Really they just told us that our parents our going to die and now they want to insult us on our skin color?

"Nitus they are Savilan those people are originated from European blood. But they do have the Native hair color."

"Thanks for the history lesson," I muttered. We pulled onto one of the mountain roads.

Just then Nitus swerved to the side of the road."Whats wrong?" I demanded the men walked out of the SUV.

A women with long black hair and pale skin and two other men came walking out of the forest shadows.

Their scent hot my nose I flashed back to the attack in our tribe " the Vampires," I whispered.

The cold ones leapt at our keepers ( A/N the cold ones are the code are for Vampires...its the same thing)

Mike and Nitus shifted into wolves Mike turned into a large gray wolf and Nitus turned onto a brown wolf.

They took on the two men Vampires Mike ripped open ones chest with his jaws.

The Vampire screeched in pain and Nitus finished him offs with a bite to the neck.

"I thought Vampires were immortal ?"  Natalie said narrowing her watery blues eyes.

I leaned back in the seat and 15 minutes later Mike came back with a deep scratch on his forehead.

Nitus had marks on his arms they had killed one of the men and the one women.

"What was that about why did they die?" I asked as we set off on the road again.

"Those were not the immortal ones those are the apprentices of the immortal ones." 

"They were not granted with immortal life yet the man that escaped was their mentor." Mike added.

We when reached our destination I gasped  at the sight.

We pulled up to a huge mansion with pillars four storys with statues of wolves and a huge water fountain.

The men grabbed our luggage and a women came through the large china door.

"Sarina Natalie or Lupa and Malinka meet our head mistress of the school your to go to. Olivia Ganderson."

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