Catching Feelings

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There's going to be a few chapters with Lexi's Point Of View. But if I don't put that it's her point of view, it'll be Justin's. It's almost always going to be Justin's.

- Lexi's Point of View -

I woke up and Justin's arms were around me. I don't remember falling asleep like this. I'm pretty sure he wasn't even in bed when I fell asleep.

He looked so peaceful and calm. I really didn't want to wake him. Justin has stress from media and fans on him 24/7. I don't want to ruin his few moments of peace.

And I didn't have to. Alfredo did for me. When some walking up to the door, I slid out of Justin's arms. I got up, and went to the bathroom.

I changed back into clothes from yesterday. When I walked back out, Alfredo was in the room with a bucket over Justin's head.

"What's that?" I asked, making him jump. When he jumped, he dropped the bucket and the contents poured out. It was just water.

Justin sat up, angerly. "Alfredo! I can handle jumping, slapping, yelling. But, cold water really?!" Justin yelled.

I laughed. Justin looked over to me and smiled. That smile though. He has that kind of smile that makes your insides melt.

"I have to go take a shower." he told me. "Oh, well me and Levi should be heading home. I'll see you later." I told him.

He tried hugging me, but I backed away. "No hug?" He stuck his bottom lip out. He's so cute.

"You're wet." I laughed. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me to his chest. My stomach had butterflies.

Why am I feeling this way? I can't catch feelings for Justin, he's my friend. A close one, too. It would ruin everything.

But, I can't help feeling so right in his arms. When he let go, my heart dropped. I wanted to stay in his arms.

It's crazy how you can go from not liking some one to them meaning the world to you in just a few weeks.

"Well, bye." I told him, before walking out.

I went to the living room, where Levi was sitting on the couch. "C'mon Levi. Lets go." I told him.

"I don't wanna." He pouted. "We need to go home, come on." I laughed. He crossed his arms over his chest.

"Fine." I put up my hands. I walked over to him and picked him up. He started crying.

"Levi, stop. You're not a baby." I told him, sternly. "You're mean." he told me as I strapped him in his car seat.

"Yeah and you're a little whiner." I shrugged. "I'm not a whiner!" he yelled. "Levi! Stop or else you won't be able to come back her again." I told him.

I sighed. I don't like being stern with Levi. It's hard raising hard. I act like I can handle it, but it's hard on me.

The rest of our car ride was silent. "I'm sorry I was mean. But I don't like when you act like that." I told him when ever we got back home.

"Can we go see Justin again?" He asked. "We just came back from his house." I laughed. "I like Justin, do you like Justin?" Levi asked me.

"Yes. He is a very good friend." I nodded. "Do you like like him?" He asked. I laughed. "Boys have cooties." I stuck my tongue out.

I honestly didn't know how to answer that question myself. I defiantly feel something special when I'm around him.

He's my friend though. And I shouldn't feel this way about him. But, unfortunately I do.

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