Chapter 10

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If your life doesn't have problems

Then you aren't really living it

Chapter 10

Trying to get along

Normal POV

   A huge school competition and get to meet the new sister Aqua, Ari started to think about something else that has been bothering her and Momo. Seeing her usually don't pay much attention to anything, her sister - Yomi asked her: "Ari? What has been troubling you all day? You lost your concentrate on Akama-chan's training, our meal, even in your class your concentration got lost so much the teacher called us and said she was worried about you".

Ari's POV

  I was blank out again, it has been maybe the thousand time today already! UGH! With the thing that stuck in my head, i can't concentrate on anything. So we were on dinner table and i was blank out again! Until Yomi-nee called me and asked me what's wrong, i guess it wouldn't harm getting off my chest for a while. "Well, the problem is i was thinking about what Momo said the other day and" - before i could finish, Aqua-san asked: "When she said you were a meanie?". "What? No, she said that all the time anyway but what i meant was when she said i just met you and you get to stay at my house and she doesn't" - i explain. "Oh" - Aqua-san's reply was little short but at least her question made the situation clearer for Yomi-nee. "Okay, as i was saying, Momo was bothered by how much i was open with Aqua-san but still not allow her to stay at my house yet even though the prove about we are twins are clear" - i said. "So what you are saying is you were troubled by what Momo-chan said?" - Yomi-nee asked. "I guess i... was..." - i said. Yomi-nee smiled brightly: "that's good! You has learned to know how to worry about others. So she is still mad a t you about that?". I nodded. "So what's your plan?" - Yomi-nee asked. I shook my head, Yomi-nee thinks for a while then said: "Maybe if you get along with her family then it would help and you'll feel more comfortable with her in our house". I was quiet for a while then i noticed that is quite of a good idea! "Yomi-nee! That idea was great! But her family is rather... er..." - i said. "Still, you want to make her happy right? Sometimes you just have to sacrifice a bit". I stayed quiet then stood up: "Alright, i will try". 

  So first, all i gotta do is get along with the oldest on in her family - Mina. As i slowly go to my school and her office, i peek into her office: "Mind if i come in?". She smile and invite me in. "So what's your reason to be here?" - she asked. I sat in front of her: "Momo was kinda annoyed by the fact i let Aqua-san love in my house but she doesn't so Yomi-nee suggest me to get along with you guys which is her family so maybe i would be more comfortable with her being in my house so yea.". Mina nodded: "So how are you planing to get along?". "Maybe finding out what we have in common?" - i said. She nodded: "I can see we both are cats, have weird eyes color and hair color". "-.- okay? I have something else, we both can't keep the formal when we talk with each other?!" - i said. "Yes and we both know the fact that we hate water and you are a weirdo" -she replied. "Oh, oh! So you wanna play that game huh?! Huh?!" - i said. "Well let's just act like we finished cuz i got work to do!" - she replied. "Yea let's do that! Let's continue it later then!" - i shouted. "Yes! See you later!!" - she shouted back. After that i got out of her office, i put a check next to her name. "Alright, two more to go!". As i got out of the school, i met Momo's step brother: Robert. "Oh hey there! Haven't seen you ever since you visit our house". "Okay, wha..." - before i finish my sentence i remembered that Yomi-nee said if i want to have good relationship must not be rude. UGH, hell, so stop myself saying in middle sentence and start the sentence with nicer tone: "Oh um... yes yes, you are um... Robert am i right?". He nodded: "i am sorry about last time, i guess i am not suppose to flirt too soon to a friend of my sister". "Step sister" - i fixed him. "Er... yes yes, sure. Um... Ari-chan isn't it?" -he asked. I nodded, i feel really uncomfortable when someone else call me '-chan' else than Yomi-nee and Momo but i guess i should get use to it and stop being so picky i guess. I look and him and asked: "Hey, how can I get along with you? o3o" -i asked. He thinks for a while then smirk: "Well if you be my girlfriend then we will get along~" -he answered. I stood there with a straight face and said: "Okay". "Really?! Great! Alright! See you later!" -he said happily then go away. It was strange considering i have no idea what 'dating' means and why he is so happy about it but i guess i never understand humans anyway so yea. I put a check next to his name. "Alright, one last person.". I walked to Ginchi's school and started talking to her, i guess it wasn't too bad.

  In the end i somehow managed to get along with them, as i go to find Momo, suddenly the news said there was a big fire near Momo's house, as i recall, that day was Saturday so she definitely is going to be at home! I am an idiot! I was heading it school to find her, darn! I ran as fast as i can to her house. "MOMO!" -i shouted as i entered the house, everything was on fire, i can hear her crying up stair, as i ran up stair, she ran right at me. "What the hell happened?!" - i shouted. "Well i kinda did burned mah house so i can stay in chur and... Sorry!!! HELP MEH!!!!" -She said tearfully. I sighed, then i tried my best to get us out of her burning house. As we got out, we got some wounds and i got some burns and all. "Sorry about it... I shouldn't have done it... and chur hurted...."-she said with tears in her eyes, she got her hoddie on and look down, i guess she actually feel bad for me, i sighed then pat her back: "It's good, at least i am cool with your family now, you can stay in my place until your house got built again. She jumped on me: "YAY!". And my day ended there. I thought but then her whole family moved in"What the f*ck?! The hell?! Why are you all here?!" -i shouted as they all got in. "Well our house can be finished at another 3 years so yea". And so my house is now full. 

We were lonely

I was cold

Cuz of your stupidness

We are no longer lonely

I am no longer cold

To Be Continue…

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