Ch. 9 - False hope

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It's been two weeks since Danielle has been missing, and five weeks since Harry went missing. There's always old news on Harry or Danielle. Saying their both missing. Louis always shut's it off, and storms out of the room. It's like the kidnapper wants to hurt Louis. He took Harry then he took the girl that reminds Louis of Harry. Louis hated the fact that both of his friends are missing. He wants to run away from reality. He wants to run away from everything. He wanted to fall asleep and never wake up. He hated the world right now. He hated everyone and everything. He hated waking up every morning, knowing Harry was out there and in danger somewhere.

"Hey." Eleanor brought Louis from his thoughts. Louis looked out, smiled and waved her in.

"Hey." Louis smiled at Eleanor, patting the seat next to him. Eleanor smiled and sat down next to him, squeezing his thigh reassuringly.

"We'll find him... and her.." Eleanor read Louis' mind.. Eleanor smiled sadly at him, as he frowned.

"I hope.." Just as he said that, his phone rang loudly.

"Hello?" Louis answered in the phone, smiling sadly at Eleanor.

"Is this Louis Tomlinson?" Replied the person on the other line.

"Yes, this is he." Louis replied.

"This is the police station, We might've found Harry and Danielle." After the name Harry, Louis dropped the phone, grabbed Eleanor and hugged her tightly.

"They think they found them!" He yelled loudly, Eleanor squealed and hugged back tightly. Louis picked the phone up after hugging Eleanor.

"That's great! When can we meet up so we could have a search party?" Louis asked.

"Uhm, your not going Mr. Tomlinson. I can't have you hurt, Were going by ourselves.. and we'll call you if/when we found him. " The police man said softly, then the line went dead. Louis locked the screen, and threw the phone on the bed.

"Their not letting us go." Louis grumbled.

"Their just protecting you Lou." Louis nodded, and sighed. Eleanor was right. They were only protecting Louis. They didn't want him hurt. They didn't want him to be killed in case they did find Harry and Danielle but what if the kidnapper had a gun?


They've been waiting three hours for a call, but it never came. Louis and Eleanor were beyond worried. They were both sitting on Louis' bed. Eleanor was biting her nails nervously, and Louis was fiddling with his thumb. There was aloud noise that came from Louis' phone, making Eleanor and Louis snap their heads in that direction.

"Hello?" He answered the phone nervously.

"I'm sorry to inform you of this.. we thought we found them.. But we didn't.. I'm really sorry.." Louis closed his eyes, sighed and let a tear escape.

"Okay, thank you for your time." Louis croaked out, locking his Iphone before letting the tears fall freely down his face.


"Hello?" Louis answered the phone nervously.

"Okay, thank you for your time." Eleanor heard Louis croak out. He hung up before letting the tears fall freely down his face.

"T-they didn't find him!" He choked out, Eleanor let a few tears escape as she rubbed Louis' back. She had to be strong for Louis. Louis was there for her whenever she needed him so she'll be there for him. Eleanor sighed, rubbing Louis' back as tears escaped her eyes. She didn't wanna believe it. She wanted to believe they were looking for him right now. She wish reality wasn't so bad. But the truth was, reality sucks. Dreams were better. Way better then reality. She wanted to go to sleep and never week up at the moment. She wanted to do anything BUT watch Louis cry.

It hurt her to see him like this. Eleanor was dying on the inside, but had to be strong for Louis. Louis needed her comfort more then anything right now. Eleanor pulled him in a hug, sighing softly to her self. She couldn't stand to see him like this. It hurt way to much, way way to much. She wanted the pain to go away. She sneaked a glance at the 'H' on her arm and sighed. At-least he didn't do something stupid like I did. She thought as she looked at the 'H' It was red still from the dry blood, but it wasn't as noticeable as it was before. Eleanor looked at the door, sighing once again. Something she'd been doing a lot of since finding out Harry was gone. She knew they would find Harry though, They had too. Louis nor Eleanor could live without Harry forever. They'd simply break. Break into a million pieces. like glass. And it would be beyond repair. Eleanor knew that for sure. Once she broke, there was no fixing her. Eleanor needs Harry. Louis needs Harry. Harry needs Eleanor. Harry needs Louis. Harry needs the boys. Whitney walked in to see Eleanor and Louis crying, hugging each other and sighed.

"It's dinner time.." She muttered, before walking out. Whitney and Niall got together, but neither of them have been into the relationship. They started dating two weeks ago, and their relationship was falling apart. Whitney and Liam are getting a bit closer. And Niall has been crying about Danielle lately. Missing Danielle lately. Niall told Louis about his feelings for Danielle, and Whitney told Eleanor about her feelings for Liam. Both of them aren't happy with each other and I don't know why their dating. I guess because they have no one else.


It's been two weeks since Harry met Danielle and he thought she was amazing. They've gotten really close over the last two weeks, and it's like she forgot about her boy-friend. Harry's grown to really like her too. They were now sitting next to each-other, his arm around her waist. Harry's head was leaned back against the wall, as they talked.

"Hey Dani?" He said softly. She nodded and looked at him, Her beautiful grey-blue eyes shining.

"Wi-Will you go out with me?" Harry asked hopefully.

"What about my boy-friend?" Danielle asked whispered.

"Forget him? We might be here for a while." He told her as his lips hovered over hers.

"Yes. Yes I'll be your girlfriend." She whispered, He smiled widely and kissed her lips softly.

"Great." He mumbled against her lips; smiling widely.

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