When i got home with Bella i was really excited.

She must have noticed because she said,

"See, you got over it. Im proud of you."

"Yeah, i cant let that one thing mess up my life, and my chance of love." I say while laughing a little after.

She hugs me and says,

"But seriously, you guys are so effing cute." And then when you did the pan lines i thought i was going to explode."

Then i fell on my bed with laughter.

"Who wants to watch a once episode?" I say while looking at her.


"Good, because I was going to with or without you." I say laughing.

"Heyy!" She says slapping my shoulder. "Ok, but then after we have to get you ready."

"What do you mean?" I already have my outfit on.

"Your hair, DUH."

"My hair looks fine bitch."

Then she cracks up and says,

"I think im rubbing off on you."

"Shit." I mummur. Pretending to be mad.

And then she says,

"What episode?"

"How about the mid winter finale?"

"But we should watch a newer one!"

"I kinda want to see my date die."

She laughs and says, "Fine."


Pan: "you two are so adorable. Which one should i kill first?"

"Man, for some reason hes hot when hes evil." I say.

"True, but Colin is hotter."

"I have to admit, hes one of the most hottest guys ive seen, but robbie's hotter."

"Captain swan has to sail!" She screams out of no where.

I giggle and say,

"Yes, yes it does."

"I want them to have some tacos in bed!" She says.

A/N i know ouat fans know what that means but if you dint it means "doing it"😂😂

"Oh my god your so inappropriate!"

"Well i guess we should do my hair sense it needs to get done." I say sarcastically.

"Yay! Im doing it."

"Fine." I say annoyed.


If you forgot, her outfit is on the side,

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