Can't stop loving you

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Franks POV

I really wish I could just scream, "IT'S YOU!!!!!!" To Ellie. But I can't. To admit, I am madly in love with Ellie. She was the girl of my dreams. I loved everything about her. Her big shiny Green eyes that went well with her long dark eyelashes. Her smile that was small but when she would laugh it would be huge. She was really skinny too. And small. Also she was my height. Everything about her was perfect. I nodded and smiled as she talked. I played with my lip ring smiled a bit. She was now wearing my jacket. She had gotten cold and I handed her my leather jacket. I just wished she loved me back and we could just get together. Hours later, she had fallen asleep on my shoulder and I snuck away to visit Mikey and Gerard who are in the basement with Ray and Taylor.

Taylor laughed. "Frank was with his lover!!" I wish! I think. I blush and everyone laughs. "Aw it's okay Frankie! We all know you love her!" Ray exclaims strumming his guitar. I picked up my guitar and tuned it. Taylor had to leave to go to band practice but before her and Gerard did her thing. She would harmonize her voice for backup vocals and when she got it right, he kissed her goodbye and walked her out. If only that were Ellie and I. It became late and Mikey left and two minutes later he came in. "Yo, Frank are you staying?" I nod. "Are you gonna sleep in Ellie's room tonight?" Gerard asked making kissing noises. "Well I guess if your mom doesn't freak out because I sleep in my boxers." Ellie and I were so close we would sleep together in the same bed.

Just like always. "My ma is so used to you crashing here she washes your leftover clothes." Gerard says shrugging. At eleven, we all go to bed. Mikey to his room, Gerard to his and I sneak into Ellie's room. She sat up and she looked tired. It was hella cute. Her eyes were half open and her hair was everywhere. I chuckled. "Where have you been?" She asked softly laying down as I pulled off my clothes leaving me in boxers. "With the guys." She nods and I crawl into bed next to her. I wrap my arms around her as usual and she snuggles closer falling back asleep. My heart beats faster as I kiss her cheek and fall back asleep. This girl, still makes me nervous.

I opened my eyes to shaking. Ellie is dressed into her uniform and she's smiling. "Wake up!" She laughed. I groaned. Thank God it's Friday! I get up and shower. I put on my uniform and tie my tie. I slide my Converse on and grab my backpack. By third period I'm distracted. All I can think about is Ellie. We all rush to get dressed before the teacher arrives. Mikey and I go out and sit on the roll call floor. Across the room I see Ellie and Taylor with Gerard. I look Ellie up and down. She's wearing her knee brace from a previous accident. And she's holding her inhaler as of Mikey. The teacher came and took roll. "We will be doing the mile today." I smile on the inside pretending to groan. Ellie and I always run together.

We meet and start at the track. We jog lightly after Ellie takes a puff out of her inhaler. "So are you gonna ask Jaimia out?" She asks. I shake my head. "She's annoying." I say making Ellie laugh. We finish the mile and chill by the water fountain. We were laughing and cracking jokes when Jaimia comes out of nowhere and sits in front of us. "Hey guys!" Ellie and I share a look. "Hey Jaimia." We groan together. She gives me a seductive look that doesn't work. I wanted that to be Ellie giving me the look. She scooted closer to me. And placed a hand on my chest. I gulped. "So, how are you Frankie?" She asked trying to be seductive. I shrug.

"Hey Jaimia." Ellie speaks up. Jaimia's head snaps up, her eyes staring into Ellie's. "I don't like the way you are acting with my boyfriend." Ellie says. If only, if only I was her boyfriend. But I knew what she was doing. She was being a best friend and saving my life from this bitch. Jaimia scoffed, "That's bullshit! I've never seen you act like it." "Well, we wanted to keep it a secret." Ellie says. God she is a great liar. "Fine, show me that it's true." Ellie's eyes go wide and I tense up. I have to kiss the girl I love. And she doesn't love me back. I play with the hem of my shirt. "And h-how do you s-suppose w-we d-do t-that?" I stutter. "One quick peck on the lips. And I will never bug you again." She states.

We share a look. I lean in slowly and grab her by the face. Then I peck her on the lips. And I swear, I was gonna faint. I almost melted into mush. I could feel the fireworks and my stomach was doing somersaults. I just hoped she felt the same way. I turned crimson as did Ellie. But I pretended it was an act. Jaimia scoffed and turned on her heel and walked away. I noticed Ellie was smiling to herself but ignored it. We looked at each other and laughed. "Bitch didn't see that coming!" She exclaimed. I laughed with her and I hear, "FRANK!!!!!!" I look and see Taylor standing like two feet away. She was smiling as I looked at Ellie and said, "Be right back." I jogged over to her and all of the sudden I was tackled to the ground.

"What the fuck!!?!" I scream. I stand up and dust off my clothes. "What the hell Gee?!" I ask Gerard as Mikey and Taylor laugh. "You're dating Ellie!!!!!?? Oh my God Frank!! I am so--" "Gerard." I say quietly. "You guys are gonna grow old and have kids and---" "Gerard." I say a little louder. As he talks tears well up. And my lip quivers. Because he's saying all of this when it's not true. I won't grow old with Ellie or have kids or get married. Any of that. We're just best friends and one best friend is in love with the other. "And then the second kid comes and---" "GERARD!!!!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs. Gerard stops and looks at me.

A tear falls down. I don't know why I'm crying over a girl. Wait, scratch that, a girl I'm madly in love with. Oh, now I know! They all face me and give me concerned looks. "I'm not dating her. I was forced to kiss her because we wanted Jaimia to leave us alone. I won't be able to date her. I won't get old with her and such. I will just be her best friend and nothing more. Maybe just uncle Frankie to her kids." Taylor hugs me but I pull away. "I just need to be alone." The bell rings and I rush to get dressed and get to my locker before Ellie does. I just grab my backpack and go to the office. "Hey can I see the nurse?" The secretary nods and I walk in.

"Frank what a surprise!." My mom says. Yes, she's the school nurse. "Are you alright? Have you been crying?" "Mom, can a I please go home?" I ask. "Why?" I explain what happen and she listens. "Okay dear. Go on home I'll sign you out." I thank her and skateboard home. Sure, I can drive but I'm too upset. As I board home, all I can thing about is Ellie. Everything about her is perfect. Her beautiful Green eyes. Her slight lisp and how she kinda sounds like Gerard and how she has the New Jersey tone to it. Her smile. Her laugh. Her personality. How she is very energetic and we can always have fun. I can never ever stay mad at her.

Her cuteness. How we can have fun but then be serious when we have to. And she's super beautiful. God I love her so much. I hate this. I never let the tears fall though. I arrived home and knew I had it until two. When Ellie would come over and ask where I was after she has gymnastics. I screamed a frustrated scream and punched a wall. This girl.....was driving me nuts and I couldn't stop loving her.

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