Dating the baby sitter (Nash and hayes grier fanfiction)

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hi, my names Colleen Campbell, and im 15 years old. i live with my little sister Kacey whos 13 years old and my older sister alex, shes 20, our moms away on buisness basically all the time so we never see her, also me and my little sister kacey love nash and hayes grier, and just our luck. we just moved to our new house, and they live beside us but were way to nervous to talk to them, 

We were out in out backyard swimming well alex was at work, kacey isn't much younger then me so were really close, we were swimming and having fun when someone knocked on are gate, i got up and opened it wearing my neon green tie up bikini, i thought it was alex until i opened it and there stood 2 beauitful blue eyed boys..nash and hayes grier. i froze in my spot and kacey ran to the gate we both turned around and fan girled a bit until we got out selfs together, hi hayes, hi nash i said as calm as possible. 

so you know us they both said smirking. shit i said under my breath.

so do you guys wanna come swimming i said quitly, sure nash said runing in the back yard, taking his shirt off 

*Nash's POV*

I took my shirt off and i could feel  colleens eyes piercing into me. it was kinda attractive, shes so beautiful i want her to be mine...

2 hours later-

Nash's POV

Colleen and i were in the pool having fun swimming, i slowly put my arms around her waistshe looked into my eyes, god she gorgeous, i slowly started leaning in and then it happened we kissed, it was the best kiss ever i was amazing. shes amazing, when we pulled away i looked over to hayes and kacey, and they were kissing awweeeeee

Hayes POV

We were at are new neigbores house swimming i think nash likes the older girl, colleen.

and man do i like the younger one her names kacey and she is so beautiful. she is perfect for me. i can not wait to get to know her. i think its cute, because there fans of us, but they also treat us like real people. & I kissed her it happened. i had my first kiss. it was amazing.

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