Chapter 9

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Different person

Different past

Different sadness

Different pain

Chapter 9

The Fear Of Others...

Normal POV

  After Ria and Koko spend a night with each other, they became a couple. They were so happy until one day. 

 It was a normal days for Ria and Koko. “Senpai~ let’s go out for fun!” – Ria said to Koko. “Where would you wanna go? And didn’t we just go yesterday?” – Koko answered. Ria pouted while pulling Koko’s hand and tell him to go. Suddenly, Inna yelled: “WATCH OUT!!!”.  Right after that, someone hit Koko’s head and make him passed out…

Inna’s POV

 After they hit Koko-san’s head, my head was hit too. It hurts… I passed out… As I opened my eyes, I was tied up in a small dark room. I was scared, but I can’t speak, they covered my mouth with duck tape, I tried my best to break out then I feel like someone hit me with a rope. “UGH!!!” – I tried to shout but the tape covered my voice. I look at the direction that the rope came from, I can’t see things clearly but I can see a shadow of a tall man. He smirked: “He is the precious Inna-sama eh? They said his eyes have special abilities, if we take them, we’ll get the power!”. As I heard what they said, I shivered, I was really scared… “Heh? Why look so scared ‘Inna-sama’? They said you are confident that you can beat us and everyone, why so tense here? You are sweating Inna-sama~ How about we play with you a bit before we get your eyes? Ehehhehehehe” …… No…. help…. That is all I can think of, I was scared, I closed both my eyes. I can feel them touching me… it feels disgusting… stop…. Help me…. Where are you when I need you?... help… All I can think of was him… he told me to wait for him… I waited for him for a long time… I miss him… I am scared… he is the only one who talks and play with me… he touched me… he is the only one I give permission to touch me… yet they are touching me right now… it’s disgusting… Stop… stop… someone…. Help me….

Koko’s POV

 I opened my eyes. Ria and Inna was gone! Where are them?! Who f*cking kidnapped them? What am I going to do?!  I was so panic so I ran to the school and search for their parents which is the creator of the school. As I ran there, look like they already knew. I told them. They replied: “We knew, so they were with you. Are you hurt?”, I shook my head: “Where are they?!”, they said: “We got a call of our spies that they are in the cursed cave in our town… I don’t know what they are going to do with our sons but I don’t think it’s going to be any good… We are all can not get in since we doesn’t have a curse but you do, you have the curse of the other you. The other you on the different side of the world is half coursed and since you are the other of that person, you can get in that cave and get them out… but it would be really dangerous… Please, you are the only one who can help us!” – they were so desperate, I don’t know what should I do so I just accept since Ria is my boyfriend, I need to be more responsible… “I guess I have no reason to denied”. So I set out to the cave. As we all in front of the cave, I heard Inna’s voice: “AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”, “Inna!” – his mom’s voice got out of her mouth, then she started crying. Right after that is Ria’s voice: “HELP! AH!!!”. Then his dad passed out. I ran into there as fast as I can. The two are in danger!

Inna’s POV

 After a while of touching my chest and face, they pulled the tape off my mouth. Then they starts touching my lower body. Ya…. No…. stop… I tried to call out for help but one of them press their lips on me. I struggled, but one of them hit me with the rope again. “Don’t you move, if you want to be treated gently then be a good boy!” . I shook my head, tears gone down my cheeks. Only thing they haven’t done is take off my clothes but I think they were planning to. But then Koko-san’s voice appear: “LET GO OF RIA! NOW!”. I was so happy that someone comes so I yelled out but I can not call his name since I was scared. Then the guys stop touching me and said: “Someone came! SH*T! Let’s take his eyes out now!” . I turned my head at them: “eh? Ah… YA!!!!”

Koko’s POV

 I saw Ria as I ran into the cave. I yelled out: “LET GO OF RIA! NOW!”. Ria was crying but his mouth was covered my a tape. I was so mad, I come nearer. They took out a knife, I stopped walking. They use the knife and draw two curves lines under both his eyes. “UGH!!!” – Ria cried more. I walked backwards: “What are you doing?!”. They smirked: “You are the famous Koko right? Join us!~ We need people with that courage as yourself!”. I frozed, what are them talking about? I look at Ria, I saw that he shook his head as he is telling me to say no. I nodded my head and look at the other guys: “Why would I join with the shit like yourself?!”, they smirked: “Are you sure? Don’t you feel that you need attention and people to look up at you? Join us and you’ll…” I punched the guys that is near Ria and free Ria. Why would I join a dirty group as them? Bullsh*t  . Then I took the tape off Ria’s mouth. He try to catch his breath, then he look at me: “Inna…” , “what? Ria, what do you want to tell me?” , “Help… Inna… INNA!!!”. I nodded then ran deeper into the cave. The further I get in, the louder his scream was. I run faster and slam into the room that they locked Inna in, as I walked in, they already took Inna’s green eye out. “RELEASE HIM! NO!” – I shouted. The mans were shocked: “Sh*t! He already came!” I come nearer to them. One of the men took out a big stick with fire on it: “If you come any neaer, we’ll burn him!”. “As if you will!”, right after I said that, they smirked: “oh really?” then the guy with the stick burned half of Inna’s face. “YA!!!!!!!” He yelled, his scream got really loud that the cave was shaking and the blck mark on his forehead was showing. His other eye slowly turned into red and as the guy take the stick of his face: “You scared of us now Koko? Now get out before…” Inna killed him… there were tentacles leaves coming out of Inna’s head. He look really scary, I was froze as he killed all of them. The stick with fire cause the fire to go all over the place. As he started to throw the guys out of his way, one of the fire wood drop on him, his half face was burned really badly. I took the wood off, pick him up and start to run outside. 

 After we all got out, everyone was shocked by what happened then they bring them to the hospital. The mark on Ria’s face stays there forever while the burn on Inna’s face look really creepy and can not he healed, same as his other eye… 

Me and my brother move to another place to live after that. Ria was really sad, he asked his parents to give him permission to follow me. At first they said no, but after Ria not getting out of his room for a week, permission was granted. Though Inna scared of everything after what happened, he shivered whenever someone or something come near him and for him, it’s really hard to control his power in front of other people than Ria and me so his parents tells Ria to bring Inna too. We moved there and live there for awhile for my brother to find a job and start getting money. After we move there for not long, there was a similar situation happened to two girls and the one that got kidnapped was the step sister of the big school though not so popular here. When it happened, Inna and Ria and me was near the old basement, somehow Inna was disappear, we were so scared that he got kidnapped again so we ran all over the place to find him. We caught him sitting in front of a big river long after we set out to search for him. Ria said that when Inna found his first friend, they hang out in front of the sea and a big river reminds Inna of that sea. That boy was also Inna’s first love but that kid have to move far away from Japan, Ria said he promised that he would be back after 10 years, that’s a long time to go Inna…

Everything is crashed

Everything is burned

Everything is ruin

But at least something remain… 

To Be Continue…

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