Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:Joshua Perkins, The Neighbor

There was a witness to the insanity that just happend, this man had a name of course and that name, the one name that this man went by was... Joshua Perkins. The Joshua Perkins figure was about 5' 8'' and had chessnut brown hair that was cut tight but also looked slightly loose and wavy look to it, his eyes where a calming shade of blue one that in looking into was hypnotic. his skin was only slightly pale put was a peachy color... not too tan. his mouth,ears,and eyes were small and close together and his nose was quite large except his skin was tight around his skull making this feature unnoticable if you werent trying to spot it out his bodys size was about average, his torso was the same length as his legs. he always stood in a relaxed posture and looked as if nothing would surprise him, his personality was laid back but also quite intellagent his voice was slow and calm like honey and he always spoke very punctionnaly. his movements were slow and careful... I guess you could say... delicate. he had witnessed it for he was walking his dog Sophia. Sophia was a small schnowzer with beige hair and it had calaco eyes it was energetic misunderstood almost, but Joshua saw beauty in it it wasnt very smart however but it was insanley loyal, probably the most loyal dog ever. then, there was his house it was quaint and messy, but had great feng shui. but the most important part of this man, Joshua Perkins is not the slightly important fact that he was a dimension jumper, but it was important that Joshua Perkins... is NOT relavent to this story.

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