Becoming A Teen Mom. My Real Life Story

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Hello everyone. Before I start please let me tell you that everything in here is 100% real. Anything you read has/is happened to me.

I know there are a lot of other people out there who say it's their story but it's not. If you want, you can check out my Instagram. It's @booki_dear.

Please note that I'm not a professional and most of my writing will have 1,000 mistakes. Enjoy!


I don't enjoy food like I used to. I thought to my self finishing up the last few bites of dinner.

I feel sick all the time. Never throwing up but feeling horrid. And never having any energy. But I guess that's just how it's always been.

I've been on so many different types of birth control. Nothing seems to give me a normal visit from Mother Nature.

Getting up for school the next morning wasn't easy. I felt like I had gotten absolutely no sleep, and felt that all my energy had gotten sucked out of me.

When I got to school I realized that I hadn't had my period for the last 2 months.

I texted my mom letting her know that I had missed my period and think I might be sick.

She responded back with a "Fuck you" and "Go to planned parenthood and take a test, don't talk to me till it's done."

All I wanted was an apt with my birth control. Why does she have to flip out? She's the one who put me on birth control in the first place!


I made an apt with planned parenthood just to show her that I wassnt pregnant.

As the day progressed I found my self getting nervous. During lunch I asked my friend to come with me.

She had twins. Already a teen mom. I don't remember exactly how we became friends but it just kind of happened. I knew what her life was like. I knew how hard it was. And I also knew that it's not what I wanted for my self.


"It's your turn ma'am"

I got up and followed her to the back.

Being 100% pro-life I found my self sick that I was in a place where abortions took place.

She gave me a high sensitivity urine test.

It came out positive.

She started talking about all my options but I couldn't hear her. My heart stopped and all I could thin about was how I was going to tell my mom, or worse how I was going to tell my father.

"When was your last period?"

"February 5th."

"That puts you at 10 weeks and 5 days. You'll want to see a dr. as soon as possible to get the proper care for the fetus. "

"It's a baby" I said. Not in a rude tone, just in shock.


I stayed with my friend for the weekend just to get my head straight.

On April 18th I had my first sonogram. It didn't look like a little alien. It really looked like a baby.

"Your baby is really active!" The dr said.

"Such a big head!" She continued.

"How far along am I?"

" You are 10 weeks and one day."

Planned parenthood was off by a little bit. I listened to my babies heartbeat while mine seemed to stop.

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