Lets start on Danielle shall we. I love Danielle and I know she is a really nice girl and very pretty as well and I have no hate against her. There is no doubt in my mind that the first time that dated was real. They were head over heels with one another but after they broke up and got back together the second time it was all stage. They weren't happy at all. Once management found out about Ziam. Danielle was made Liam's beard. Liam and her got back together on the day that One direction played at Madison Square Garden. It was suppose to be the greatest day ever. Liam got his girlfriend back and he was playing at MSG. Not to mention that his family would be there to see them perform. But he wasn't happy at all. He took that fake stroll in NYC with Danielle hours before the gig and he didn't even try to look happy. He looked tired and miserable. And the best part of it all was when Liam and Danielle got Loki. Their couple dog. They tweeted about him and posted Instagram pics.

BUT... Roo Payne tweeted that Liam got the dog when he was single and then got back together with Danielle and than they broke up again. So Liam had the dog after their first break up so why would he and Danielle say that they just brought the dog and that its theirs when Liam been had Loki and he is Liams?? If Liam had been had the dog it would have had to be living with his family while he was on tour and he and Danielle were split so she could have had to the dog. She didn't even know he had one. So Roo would know if Loki if Danielle's or not. Loki's b-day is in October so Liam had to have got him between than and the end of December. But Danielle says THEY adopted the dog in February.

A week later Liam tweeted, "I've got 99 problems but the scandalous female isn't one #poshlyrics"

Fans than come to a conclusion that Danielle and Liam fake relationship is over and many Ziam shippers started to joke about a new girl as soon as the news spread about the breakup. And that's when Sophia popped up. Apparently they had been childhood friends and Sophia was Liam's crush. Before Sophia was even in the question most Ziam fans guessed that management would go for a hometown girl and hire her as a beard. They were right. Sophia is from Wolver Hampton. After Sophia's name was swarming the internet that's when Liam was spotted with a mystery girl. Every time Liam was spotted with this mystery girl her face was always hidden in some way but everyone knew it was Sophia. August 10 was the day that Perrie, Eleanor, and Sophia where at L.A. concerts while Liam, Zayn, and Louis where at the Shamrock tattoo parlor. They didn't go till late at night so Eleanor ended up going with Louis. Liam was with friends and his parents. Zayn didn't bring anyone.

Thus the night that all Ziam shippers where confused when a random ass picture of Sophia and Liam's sister pops up out of no where. Sophia and Liam's sister aren't famous and weren't with anyone famous so why would that picture get published everywhere. Around this time Liam was leaving the tattoo parlor alone and even though fans where surrounding him he was smiling and was very happy. :) He gets picked up by a car with the one and only Sophia Smith sitting in the back seat. Liam is no longer smiling. :( Also in the car is Liam's sister and her boyfriend. None of the pictures capture that night where of Liam looking at Sophia nor did he even turn around. He didn't even look at her. The cheeky Liam from a couple of minutes ago was gone. Sophia and Liam still had not made it official yet so we still got hidden face Sophia holding hand with Liam.

                 August 18th was the day that a source published Liam confirming that he as Sophia were indeed dating and occurring to that source he had fallen for her hard and its getting very serious. Thirsty much management. They haven't even probably kissed yet. It hadn't even been a full month. In the interview for This Is Us Liam confirmed again that he was dating Sophia. Liam took Sophia to the This Is Us premiere after party. Liam also spent his 20th bday with Sophia and the whole night was photographed. But im going to admit that the moment they stepped out the car it got steamy. Liam kinda groped her when she got out the car while resting his head on her neck. It was petty steamy if I say so myself buttttttttttt..................... if you look up the video of Liam arriving at Funky Buddha it wasn't all that steamy at all. Its didn't last that long and it looked like Liam was only using her to help balance himself. Yes. Liam was drunk and yet he still never made eye contact with Sophia. Weirddddd. Drunk Liam knows what's going on. Inside the club there were even more cute pictures of the two. Like the one where Sophiam kissed, So adorable but the picture token after wasn't so cute. Liam looked sick and unhappy. He was wasted. So that's when the best part of the night comes and Jordan pretends to be Liam as takes his jacket and covers his face with it. Sophia comes with him so it looks real. But Jordan messes up the plan when he got in the van and tried to help Sophia in because we caught a picture of his face. God Jordan you messed up the plan. I wonder if your the one that Liam caught Sophia cheating on him with. Nawwwww that couldn't be right. I mean the media says it was Sophia's ex boyfriend. But you know, when you and Sophia were 'Faking' being affectionate it looked pretty real. You guys are such great actors, and not to mention every time Sophia go on dates they aren't alone its always a double date with another couple but Jordan tags along anyway. hahaha love you Jordan. You sneaky little you.(((Picture of Liam, Sophia, and Jordan on the side))) The external link is a picture of Liam sitting next to Sophia and Jordan next to her and Liam's dad sitting next to Jordan.

idk how long its been since I last updated and im sorry. this chapter is a little longer at least I hope so. Please voteee or don't but it would be nice if you did.


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