Chapter twelve

I'm so nervous right now. I've never been on a date and I never had a boyfriend before. Is Matt my boyfriend? What am I suppose to do? how am I suppose to eat? breathe? dress? Oh my god this is terrifying.

"Jen you alright? you seem." he pauses for a slit second " scared." is it that obvious?

" Haha I'm fine it's just." I gather my thoughts. " to be honest, I've never been on a date before so it's a little." I stop. "I'm a little nervous. I don't know what I'm suppose to do." I look down at the menu.

"Well so far your doing fine." he smiles showing his straight white teeth. He's so beautiful. I reply with a smile. " so what do you want for lunch?"

Searching through the menu i notice my favorite burger. " I want a California burger." I say with a smile on my face. His eyebrows go up and quickly drop. " what?"

" No it's nothing I just thought. You know girls usually get salads or something with no fat. it's kind of cool how you would eat a burger."

" Hi my name is Crissy and I'll be your waiter for today. Can I get you something to drink?" the waitress interrupted our burger conversation.

" Can I get a coke."

" Yea same for me and can we place our order now?" Matt looks at me as if asking for approval.

"Mmh yea I'm just starving for my burger." I answered in approval. Did he get the hint?

" Okay well what will you have?"

" Ill have a California burger, medium well, fries as well."

She looks over to Matt for his order. " I'll have a bacon burger, medium well, fries." his eyes never look at the waitress. Either to me or the menu.

" Oh- okay I'll bring it out as soon as possible." Matt seemed to intimidate her, he did say his order coldly.

" Hey I think you scared her." he looked up.

" Really? I didn't mean to."

" I would hate to be our waiter." I laughed. His eyes are just breathe taking.

" So what's the deal with a guy never asking you out?"

" I don't know, no one ever really talked to me at my old school. I had only one friend." I looked down, just remembering all the things that happened at my old school makes my eyes water.

" You have me. I'm not going anywhere, if you ever need someone to talk to you can come to me anytime. alright?" I look up in shock.

" No one ever said that to me. thank you." A small smile appears on my face. Is he lying or does he genuinely care? I would like to believe that he really cares.

The waitress comes back. " here's your drinks." Matt and I basically ordered the same thing instead he just got bacon with his order.

For the first time Matt looks up to the waitress working his charming smile. " thank you." he simply says. she smiles.

" Haha it's my job, your welcome." and with that she walks away.

" Was I nicer this time?" he asked raising his eyebrows give me a smirk.

" You were great. Just amazing you know you should get an award for how nice you are." I was being sarcastic of course but he did seem nicer.

" Good." he laughed it off and, once again, ran his hands threw is light brown hair.

" Here's your drinks your food will be out in a minute." The waitress came back looking from me to Matt and left.

I sip my coke and notice Matt smiling in my direction. " UMM is there something on my face?" I touch my cheek.

" Haha no you looked cute when you sipped your drink. Nothing's on your face." He sipped his drink and look to me again. "So, your into geeky stuff huh?"

" Oh god I should have never told you that." When he was taking care of me I told him my obsession with Lord of The Rings. It's just an amazing movie series.

" What? I think it's hilarious that you can go full geek mode for those movies."

" I was having a total fangirl moment."

" Jen, you were literally saying every line word from word." he moved his hands in motion.

" Come on everyone does that with something they love." I rolled my eyes, I'm completely defeated.

" Here is your food, bacon burger for you." the waitress handed Matt his food and then handed mine to me. " And a California burger for you."

" Thank you." Matt and I say in unison. We look at each other and laugh.

" this looks good." i stare down to my food. " They really do make there burgers look tasty." i grab my buger and take a bite out. " MMMHHH this is amazing." Chewing all of my food, i sipped my drink again and took another bite.

" Hol on, i got to take this." Matt stands up holding his phone to his ear. Who could it be? "Hello? Hey, how are you? haha i know." i couldnt hear him anymore as he walked away. Am i even sure i want to even start dating? I know i have been here for some time and we have gotten to know each other but, i dont know if im ready for all this human interaction. Holding hands, kissing, saying l love you or i miss you. I dont even know if i can say i love you to my parents with out hiccuping, how will i tell him? Am i suppose to wait for him to make the first move or do i be bold?

" Hey sorry about that. Just an old friend." he gave a slight smile nd sat down. " so how is your burger?" i looke at him, is he more interested in his old friend then me?

" good." i took another bite. he looks down at his phone again texting who i am assuming is his again old friend. i get up " im going to the bathroom." he didn even say anything he just miled at his phone while texting. i knew this was a bad idea, guys suck seriously. i duck out of the resturante before runing to the bathroom. crap! was i suppose to pay for my food? im not going back i just need to go home.



do you guys think Jen will avoid Matt tomorrow? Or act like nothing happen? Do you think Matt will even care? who's the old friend? DOES THE OLD FRIEND MEAN A NEW CHARACTER WILL BE INTRODUCED?!?! idkkkk






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